Mori Ranmaru
Pokemon Conquest

Cosplayer: yukihotaru

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

AyaCon 2013

22nd July 2013: Purple top semi completed. So, the top that is taking the longest time to make is almost completed. I've been working on the sleeves for a long time. The water satin I used for the gold was temperamental and actually melted the first time when I tried ironing it. So it's backed on some cream cotton, turned inside out then sewn onto the purple. It wasn't neat enough for my liking so I ended up appliquing the entire set of triangles on, all 14 of them with 2 diamond shapes too. The edges was also zig-zagged until no purple could be seen. Overall it took about 3 hours, but the results are definitely worth it.

I also purchased some grey tape for the mid section between the top and sleeves. In some pictures it looked light grey, in others it was white. I held both colours up to the purple and gold and it looked awful, so I went with grey. I think it looks nice together, all of it needs hand stitching though. This costume is a lot of work.

20th July 2013: Pokeballs! To make sure it's Pokemon Conquest, I painted on the pokeball designs. There will be another layer underneath so it should be lighter like the photos. I tried to water down the paint and make it more see-through. It worked but it spread so it was messy. I need to paint another 4 on the back.

20th July 2013: Wig styling I had actually purchased this wig probably back in February. I had debated whether I should get a two piece ponytail wig or a high ponytail. I saw this one and thought it was close enough and purchased it. This was before I noticed the Samurai Warrior 3 artwork, so I used some artistic license with Ranmaru's hair. I know it should be a bob cut with half of it up and half done. It is possible with the wig, but I don't want to dismantle it to sew the wefts upside down for the correct effect. I think I'll do that after Aya so I can buy a back up wig if needed, but with 3 weeks to go I can't risk it.

On the plus side it's the perfect colour. It looks rather blue in person but it actually photographs black with a blue tinge. I couldn't ask for a better colour really.

20th July 2013: Top layer cut out So the top white layer is cut out now. I just need to stencil some pokeballs onto the fabric. Planning on lining the top white layer as it's looking see-through right now. I've been slacking on Ranmaru but as Dragonair is nearing completion I really need to step up and finish Ranmaru.

17th July 2013: Shirts almost completed! The white under shirt is all finished. The outer shirt is almost done, the sleeves needs detailing. The gold fabric is so slippery so it's not as perfect as I would like it.

I'll have more detail shots of the sleeves later. Just need to make the outer white shirt and blue bubble shorts. If I can't make the shorts I'll have to modify.

16th July 2013: Arm guards 80% done Construction:
4 layers of PVA glue
3 layers of Primer
1 layer of PVA x paint
1 layer of paint

I think another 2 layers of paint is needed to smooth the finish and then a gloss spray. This time there's no cracking. I'm not risking it by spraying so I'm going to get it as smooth as possible. I am going to taint it with a darker brown for colour when it's all done.

12th July 2013: Shoes base I spent yesterday looking for shoes for Ranmaru but nothing really worked. I know he wears getas but I could not find shoes that I could wear that fit for the costume.

As most of the shoes are hidden by the leg guards, I have decided to use a pair of old sandals for the costume. This is how they are at the start.

7th July 2013: Armour Arm guards take 2 So I made a set of arm guards already back in May. They started cracking and was overall unpleasant so no one is seeing them again.

Here are the work in progress shots of my new arm guards.

They are made out of foam, with 4 layers of PVA glue and then primed with gesso primer. I'm going to sand the sides a little, paint them, add black felt on the underside and they will be ties on with dark red-brown ribbon like the design.