Ragnarok Online

Cosplayer: Illulyn

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Gemucon 2013

1st October 2017: I did finish it (sort of!) So I never wore this to Gemucon in the end, after a day at the event I didn't think it was worth cosplaying to so just chilled all weekend instead.
I brought it out to an expo afterwards..
In retrospect, I can say I unintentionally made it a little less scandalous - probably my own comfort levels creeping in. I'd like to say I'll crack this out and rework bits but it's been 4 years now, I probably won't.
But here's the "finished" photo at least.

24th March 2013: Progerss Excuse the awful coloring of the photos - crappy indoor lighting + camera phone.

Ok, so I've been really slow with this costume - just a little bit a day, but it's getting there!
I've had some drama with the corset not fitting - - so the alterations have made the front look a little iffy - including the fact it was too short. This has been remedied with the strip at the top, which will thankfully be covered by a gold strip from the design!

The trailing tail.. things are all but complete - the white ones need the little crosses, and I'm tempted to make the gold ones a little thinner, but they're ok for now.

Jacket needs sleeves and collar, so that's all good.

Skirt needs the front panel and the lace & sheer butt skirts to be completed.

Bodice just needs to be sewn up completely and gold details added, then should be good to go.

Definitely on track for Gemu~!
The wig and shoes are both here, the wig is more yellow than I hoped, but I don't have time to replace it now! Thankfully you can dye stuff in game, so I'll just claim that ;P

16th March 2013: Start~! So today I've been getting on with the Archbishop costume. I've made up the corset, just need to cut the bones to size and edge it before adding the chest details and then moving on to everything else
Everything from the white thread downwards will be covered by the waistband and skirt pieces, but I don't want to cut them off as they help keep the shape of the rest of it.
The corset isn't waist reducing, purely fashion, as I'm too lazy to sew in more bones and when I do use them I like to add them in using channels which I don't think would look good on this particular costume. It has two spiral steel bones down the bust to keep the shape along that line, but they're sewn into the seam itself.

Siouxsie James avatar

Siouxsie James - 25th September 2013
I'd like to see photos of this!