Grandia III

Cosplayer: Amy-Lou

Status: Complete

Condition: Retired

The 'How long did that take to make' Group award (Minami 2006)

22nd April 2010: The End I made a few compromises with this costume:

I really hate her hat, no matter how I made it, I looked ridiculous. I still kept the hair fan for the silhouette, but I just used hair clips to hold it in place instead. I found some lovely bronze beads to pick out the designs on it too :)

I made the purple hip straps, but to give them enough space I'd have to wear the trousers really low and they could fall down if I wiggled! Decided it was better (and safer) to leave the straps off.

14th April 2010: Nearly Done This week I've been attaching all the little bits and pieces that you make and then forget about.

The necklace now has the little red gems; these are glued to strips of buckram which in turn are glued to the underside of the necklace.

I've sewn in the top shoulder straps, anchored the arm wraps and added some velcro to keep the back closed without anything showing. The Swathes are sewn in place at the back of the trousers and I've used poppers to attach them in the front without blocking the zip. Whilst writing this I've realised a slightly different way I'd like to do it...wonder if I can change it.

10th August 2009: Bling Bling done! Two layers of funky foam sprayed gold and weathered with black acrylic. I'm going to put poppers on the arm wraps to hold them closed.

10th August 2009: Crafting I've finished the belt ornaments. I had a bit of a panic on this as I had no idea how to string it all together. Then I realised on the reference you can see the swathe fabric through the gaps, so I stuck them all to a piece of funky foam covered with the swathe fabric :)
Hearts are resin cast, but the silicone mould had too many imperfections to cast shiny gems, so I nail varnished them. A few brush strokes, but better than dullness.

28th July 2009: Dust and paint The top itself is finished! I drew the designs on with a gold pen, satin takes it quite well as long as your careful to follow the grain.
Bracelets are sanded down and ready for spraying tomorrow.

26th July 2009: Progress I've made a new top, this one is lined and feels a lot more sturdy. I also found a nice gold bias which already looks a lot neater than the ribbon I used on version 1.

The bracelets and belt ornaments are primed and waiting; I just need to buy some more gold spray. The hearts are foil backed resin in a funky foam setting.

29th June 2009: Ooops In true Amy style I'm taking too much time, so Dahna will be comming to Aya instead of AX. So much for a cool wig-free costume in LA.

I managed to finish lining the top the other night. It looks so much nicer than the original, though turning it inside out through the tiny channel at the front was a feat.

21st June 2009: Painting After painting the design in white acrylic I've used gold pen over the top. The first few weren't as neat as I'd like, but thankfully they're on the back of the trousers and I've picked up a thinner pen now, which is looking a lot better :)

I've sewn the top lining panels together, so now to bite the bullet and cut the curves into the hemline.

14th June 2009: Jewellery This weekend I've got the basic top sewn sewn, made a stencil and started printing the pattern onto the bottom of the trousers. I've had to resort to painting it in white acrylic before using the gold, as it was soaking into the red fabric making a dull black.

The shop didn't do gold ring bases, so I've painted all my silver findings with gold pen. Rings done and necklace almost done if I can find some metal to put behind the red gems, otherwise I'll leave it green only.
I did make funky foam settings for the gems, but after half a day painting and sanding them, I've decided I don't like them and painting the edges of the gems in gold looks much better. Ah well.

I can sense that hat getting closer...

10th June 2009: Remake time! As AX is so close and I want to avoid wearing a wig in LA, I decided remaking Dana would be a great idea as I think I can really improve on my first try now.

I want to resin cast all the gems, but due to a lack of molds and not much time left to import a mold/make my own, I've settled on just casting the heart gem and buying the normal shaped gems. I found some lovely ones with flowers set into the resin, they're so pretty I'm sure Dana would want them!

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Anonymous - 11th November 2007
Amy! I loved this costume on you - it suited you so well (even if you did fight with the hat :P). It would be great to see you do this again ^__^

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Anonymous - 16th May 2008
wow Dana *.* This cosplay is great!!! I love to see Grandiacosplays ^^

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BlusterSquall - 10th August 2009
Looking so pretty and blingin'! Looking forward to seeing this! :D

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Anonymous - 10th August 2009
Ooooh! let me know when you'll redo this so I can see if I can do Yuki for then! :D
I was gutted I didn't get to see your Grandia III group in person :(

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Shogunmiyu - 12th January 2010
VERY beautiful and mesmerising! <3

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Anonymous - 21st April 2010
This was beautiful :-)
Love how you did the leg straps from the shoes ... cunning!

Ilpala avatar

Ilpala - 21st April 2010
This was a very pretty outfit!

Mangamad avatar

Mangamad - 21st April 2010
Ooohh....smexy. ^o^

Sillabub avatar

Sillabub - 22nd April 2010
You looked wonderful! Well done! :D

And thanks for the comment on Nakoruru too :)

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sjbonnar - 22nd April 2010
You look amazing hun!

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Uni - 27th April 2010
Just wow! You look gorgeous! <: D

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leumas - 22nd November 2010
that's great! I love the Grandia games, it's a gorgeous costume and you look beautiful in it

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Sephirayne - 6th May 2011
This costume is fantastic and you look fab in it ;)

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Adamoluna - 6th May 2011
this is beautiful! very neatly constructed, and you look fab. :)