Buster Keaton
Silent Film

Cosplayer: Shazz

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

AyaCon 2013

25th May 2013: Wig w/hat .

25th May 2013: Lace Wig 01 Just trying this out. Haven't got any spirit gum yet to glue the lace down and I haven't blended it either. Wig is just pinned into shape for now

6th February 2013: shirt and shoes success today. Got white shirt and size 8 (clown)shoes. £14 all together(Y)

6th February 2013: And Update on where I am with all the pieces:


Porkpie hat
Black tie
White foundation and powder ordered
Magnifying glass

Still needed:

Shoes (hopefully will get today)
Grey shirt or white if cannot find grey
fake tache
Make up test and final put together

6th February 2013: See how excited about this purchase I am PORKPIE! Thank the slapstick lord for BusterStuff.com!
I apologise for the just woken up face :|

28th December 2012: Hat and prop Just got the wool trilby in the post so I can soak it, cut and re-shape it into the flat hat now. Also got magnifying glass: essential for all aspiring detectives!

20th December 2012: In Progress Bits and pieces that I've already collected


Need to buy/make

Fedora to make into flat pork pie hat
magnifying glass, book, moustache

Make up test

Captain_Marvelous avatar

Captain_Marvelous - 19th December 2012
Keaton is my hero! cant wait to see this!

Shazz avatar

Shazz - 20th December 2012
I can't wait to make it, Buster is the best (Y)

PandoraCaitiff avatar

PandoraCaitiff - 8th February 2013
Brilliant idea! Wish I was able to go to Aya to see this.

FruityKyuubi avatar

FruityKyuubi - 9th February 2013
Beautiful Work, Darling. you look absolutely Smashing.

ballet shoes avatar

ballet shoes - 29th March 2013
It's looking fantabulous!! My excitement levels are rising :)