Gokudera Hayato
Katekyo Hitman REBORN!

Cosplayer: Felixize

Variant: Vongola Rings Arc/Nichijo Hen DVD covers

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

AmeCon 2008

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Anonymous - 12th October 2007
Gokudera's one of my favourite characters as well~ I'd love to see the dynamites! XD

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Suno-chan - 25th January 2008
"Well, What's a right hand man for, eh?"

...Never use that sentence ever again, please...urgh =_=

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Anonymous - 26th January 2008

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Odd-One-Out - 30th January 2008
Gokkun~ it is a shame that I won't be going to AmeCon @_@

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Odd-One-Out - 1st February 2008
LOL at the fake cigarette description, btw!
Yeah, Amecon is a bit too much for me because I'm a jobless and timeless kid D:
Make sure you have lots of fun ya?

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Anonymous - 4th February 2008
oh amazzzing! i used to be so into REBORN so if i make it to ame i'm definitely looking forward to seeing this!! :DD you look a great gokudera--!

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Odd-One-Out - 21st March 2008
Loving the new avatar :D

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Odd-One-Out - 22nd March 2008
I am SO sorry for the eternal spamming on this cosplay but aaaaah man *_* I want to join your group so badly haha! The poses look badass.

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MoonLily - 22nd March 2008
Wow! Really cool costumes and photos! I've never seen this series, but now you've got me all interested...

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yami-no-neko - 24th March 2008
the photos look awesome XD. You really got the gokudera poses right. I can't wait till amecon now XD

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Littlegeeky - 3rd April 2008
The photos are so cool.
And the cosplays are aswell :D

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sarmander - 4th April 2008
Wai, I think you make a fantastic Gokkun~! These photos are brillant, too, everyone looks so in character!
Can't wait for the group at Amecon this year. LOL as a fellow Gokudera we shall have to compare our MANLY Claires Accesories bling. X3

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Anonymous - 10th April 2008
You make one truely rawksome Gokudera, Hita. I can't wait to take pictures of you and the others!

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Ino - 27th April 2008
I love your group photos! You make a fab Gokuuuun~~ It'll be so fun to have a big Reborn! group at Ame. :D

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Mocha-Berrytan - 13th July 2008
You make a really hardcore Goku~!

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Anonymous - 12th August 2008
awesome goku :D

love the paint job photo XD

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Anonymous - 12th August 2008
Damn, you pulled it off awesomely, i'm so jealous.