Cream the Rabbit
Sonic Riders

Cosplayer: LittlePidgey4

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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25th August 2011: Shorts Finished I found a pair of orange shorts that are a better shade and match the shirt better than the previous pair so I decided to just add stripes to those. To do that I measured and cut out strips of white material and sewed it on with the edges folded in.

24th August 2011: Extreme Gear Finished The pink painting got finished on the bottom of the board and also on the edges at the top. Then the smaller pieces were glued on with craft PVA glue which also worked very well on my Dedede hammer. Also the lines were drawn on the bottom with black marker.

21st August 2011: Extreme Gear Progress The design on the top has been finished, so now the design on the bottom has been drawn and has been painted on with one layer so far.

19th August 2011: Extreme Gear Progress The yellow and pink have been finished on the top, and the orange has been painted on in two layers, which might be enough.

16th August 2011: Extreme Gear Progress The four small pieces have been finished in painting. The yellow is done on the main piece and the first layer of white and pink have been painted on the top.

14th August 2011: Extreme Gear Progress The two fan pieces have been given enough layers of yellow paint, and the fan details were added with black marker and black paint.

The side pieces have been given enough yellow paint, and have had the pink painted on them.

The main part has had yellow painted on the bottom, the sides, and the yellow is being painted on the front after drawing the design on in pencil.

12th August 2011: Extreme Gear Progress A few layers of yellow paint have now been applied. The two round bits have been painted on both sides. The 'banana-shaped' bits have been painted on both sides except for where the pink will be painted. The main piece has been given a few layers of yellow on the back.

7th August 2011: Extreme Gear Started Got an A1 piece of foam board and I've cut out the different shapes needed based on my drawn plans. I need to smooth the edges if I can, then it's ready for painting.

2nd August 2011: Shorts Progress The shorts have generally been sewn together ready for hemming the top and bottom. But if these were going to be ones with an elasticated waist, it's turned out too small. But they might still fit if I put in a zip instead.

If they still don't fit after that, I know what I did wrong and will need more orange fabric to try again.

31st July 2011: Shorts Started Found a way to make my own shorts since I couldn't find a pair that matched my vest.

Started off by using a pair of existing shorts to trace out patterns for the front and back out of baking paper. Then I cut out two of each from orange fabric, and they've been pinned ready for the next step of sewing.

29th July 2011: Gloves Finished Real simple. Got a pair of white gloves, and secured on two bands of grey felt to match the bands on the shoes. Used a small bit of sewing and velcro to secure the bands on as the wrist needs to stetch when I put it on.

28th July 2011: Visor Finished Painted a couple more layers of orange and yellow. Now it pretty much stays on the hat when I threaded it through the ears.

27th July 2011: Visor Started Bought a yellow visor and cut off the top bit. The front rim couldn't be removed without it looking untidy so I painted it yellow. Now the main band has been painted orange and may need another layer when it dries.

26th July 2011: Shirt Finished Got an orange vest and painted on the star and stripe using yellow and white fabric paint, and masking tape to aid in the crisp lines.

I was going to sew on the patterns with cut out fabric but I found that the shirt needed to stretch when I put it on so that wouldn't have worked. I decided to paint on the patterns with fabric paint, but the paint does crack since it doesn't stretch either, but it looks decent enough and does a better job than if I had done my previous plan.

I would have gotten a bigger shirt to match the reference better, but I couldn't find one.

17th July 2011: Shoes Finished Finished sewing the sock pieces together and attached the orange bit to the front of the yellow pieces. I then secured thin grey strips of felt to the mouth of the shoe, and then secured the socks in with linings of velcro.

16th July 2011: Shoes Progress Got the fleece and felt cut and pinned together ready for sewing for the socks. Also drew the black lines on the shoes.

15th July 2011: Shoes Progress Added a bit more yellow where it needed and also painted more grey along the edges were white was still showing through.

Next is to make the 'socks' and draw the black lines on the shoes.

13th July 2011: Shoes Progress Painted on the yellow with aid of masking tape, and then painted on orange when that was dry. Used masking tape to cover the soles, but painted up to where the yellow was with a finer brush.

Next is to wait for that to dry so I can then touch up any places I missed or need fixing.

12th July 2011: Shoes Started Got some plain white velcro trainers. Started by painting the soles grey using masking tape as an aid. Will touch up any small bits I missed at the end.

10th July 2011: Ears Finished Orange stripe was cut out and sewn on by hand. Then I got some wire and threaded it through so it would make the ears perk up a bit.

I also tucked in the front of the band when wearing it so that the orange stripe would come down a bit.

8th July 2011: Ears Progress Ears have been sewn within main hat base. Back triangles were stuffed and sewn onto main band. Then the band was pinned in position and sewn on.

Next is to attach the orange stripe on the top and add the wire so the ears perk up.

7th July 2011: Ears Progress Orange pieces have been sewn onto long cream pieces. Pink pieces were cut and pinned into position and then sewn on. Then the two sides of each ear were sewn together. Now they've been pinned into the hat base ready to be sewn on.

7th July 2011: Ears Progress Long orange and cream ear pieces cut more into shape, and first wave of pinned things have been sewn together. One orange piece needs to be stitched on again as I cut into the wrong place.

Pink pieces need to be ironed before pinning in place. Then ears will be sewn together and sewn within the main hat base. Triangles will be stuffed slightly and stitched to band.

5th July 2011: Ears Started Cut out all the main shapes I need to make the hat and the ears out of cream and orange fleece, and pink fabric. Shapes will be altered at I get to preparing them for sewing. Making these ears a lot longer than my previous ones.

3rd July 2011: Tail Finished Essentially made a sphere plush out of cream fleece and sewed on a cream tip.

Wanted to make another Cream tail since this one's come out at a better size, and it needs to match the cream I've gotten to make the hat; which I want to make another of with the ears a lot longer.

Also this cream is a lot lighter than previously used for Cream, but I think it should still look alright when everything's together. Plus I bought it online so it was hard to judge the exact colour.

Lady-Aira avatar

Lady-Aira - 5th April 2009
I wanna do Sonic Riders Blaze!! Would be awesome if we could photo shoot together ^^

LittlePidgey4 avatar

LittlePidgey4 - 20th August 2009
If we're unable to then we could just photo-shop the photos together. XD;

Harajuku-Guy avatar

Harajuku-Guy - 31st August 2011
Your extreme gear is awesome!
You must bring Cheese along :D

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 30th October 2011
You looked really good on stage today :) and I do have you on CI XD

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 8th November 2011
This is such an awesome costume! I loved that game.

KawaiiKira avatar

KawaiiKira - 6th March 2012
This is so awesome!wish I had seen this in person! I loved this Game ^^ I love the Sonic series, I really wanna cosplay from it :D