Haruka Nanami
Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 1000%

Cosplayer: Staley-Stuff

Variant: Winter outfit

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Gemucon 2013

2nd March 2013: FINISHED! Awaiting pictures though... Will see about doing a few before Gemu, but most likely they will be uploaded afterwards when I actually have some good shots.

Still need to make 5 starish boys, looking like it will just be me and Masato at this rate :/ We will see

14th February 2013: Almost there! I still need to make the other 5 Starish boys -.- Although I am leaving that till last as it's not a neccesity. Worst comes to it it'll just be me and Masato.
Anyway, the wig is now my new favourite wig. I absolutely adore it! Also, I have the red bow and bought a jumper to cut the sleeves off. Waste nothing though, I think I can use said sleeves for my Meryl cosplay. Happy days!

All I need to do now is:
-make the skirt
-Sew the patch to blazer
-stitch pink ribbon around jumper neck
-modify jumper sleeves

...And them I'm done!

20th December 2012: Updates I have all the fabric I need :D

I'm buying a blouse in the new year now (I never did get one when I said I would before).

When the blazer came, it turned out a lot darker than the display image. I think it could still work though. Also, I found a bigger patch for it on ebay too, so that's better than the little one I was going to use before. I'll find a use for the littl one though.

I made a Masato plushie too. I'm gonna be making all the Starish boys eventually, just gotta get Christmas put of the way before starting a new one though.

15th November 2012: Ordering stuff My patch to put on my blazer came today. Smaller than I thought it would be, but brilliant all the same.
Also after much decision on which one to order, I finally decised on a blazer too. I'm worried it may be a bit too blue, but I did see an image of a cosplayer with a similar shaded blazer to the one I ordered, and it looked good so that pushed my decision for me.
I ordered my wig too. Though it turns out they ran out of stock, though they said I'm the first one to be sent one once they get in a shipment. With a bit of luck I'll get it before Christmas, although as long as I get it before April I'm not too fussed.

26th September 2012: I just finished the series I just finished watching the Uta no prince-sama anime today. I loved it to pieces. I'm working on a bit of fan art to celebrate ^^

I've changed my progress on this cosplay from planned to in progress. I'm going to buy the blouse next week, and I'm bidding on a waistcoat on ebay (as I'm also planning on doing the Summer uniform version too). Ebay also has the school uniform patches and this gorgeous wig that gradients darker at the tips, I must have it!
Right now i'm trying to look for an affordable yet good looking blazer for this, once I've decided if I want a navy blue or dark green one. the colour just looks so different in different lights. Also, after a quick search, I couldn't find any v-neck sweater vests, so I'm gonna buy a v-neck jumper and modify it I think.
As for the skirt, I'm making that myself. Making it a skirt as opposed to the dress, as I'll be wearing the vest all the time with the winter uniform anyway, so I can save time and fabric by making a skirt. I'll make a yellow checked one (Winter) and a green checked one (Summer), and possibly a light black one with lace round the bottom to wear underneath both.
Also, I've decided I want an Ittoki plushie, so I'll make one of them and carry him around when I cosplay :D

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 27th September 2012
Ah, cool! My friend (whitewraith) may be coming as Tokiya to Gemucon I think. I would have come as Shou but I think my cosplay slots are all full sadly

Staley-Stuff avatar

Staley-Stuff - 27th September 2012
Yes, I spoke to her about that, would be awesome if they came as him

Shame you can't join us, maybe another time?