Tales of Graces

Cosplayer: Ino

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

AyaCon 2013

19th March 2013: By Royal Decree I have begun to lavishly furnish the kingly jacket with royal blue and borange decoration. The colour is a little too royal perhaps, but the commoner-run fabric shop did not have anything more suitable.

13th March 2013: Coronation Behold! The kingly jacket is now slightly more resplendant with this majestic burnt orange coloured trim. Shame it's not ermine ... it'll have to do.

6th March 2013: Succession Hello, and welcome to 'The Making of The King of Camp'. We start with the most kingly of items, the kingly jacket with cravat and crazy sleeves. I am yet to find fabric crazy enough, but the jacket exists in its most simple form. It was bequeathed from the Earl of Primarni, just perfect to be modified. It was such a special jacket that its cost price was a mere £7. It has been cropped using solid silver scissors, and a wine red lining has been applied to the inside of the collar. The collar itself has been stuffed with the finest stiff material to make it more kingly and ... well, stiff.

sarmander avatar

sarmander - 14th January 2013
I must admit I await this venture with a certain amount of positive trepidation. *adjusts glasses* Indeed.

Translation: WHOOOOOOOP!

Kamiko avatar

Kamiko - 13th August 2013
Aw that jacket is looking awesome *__* can't wait to see everything complete <3