Original Character

Cosplayer: BakaBakaRangers

Variant: First Concept/RETIRED

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

17th October 2012: Pretty much done. WAHEY. I'm putting this on complete, because I could wear it out as it is.
All I really need to do is add the buttons and finish the spear, but I wouldn't take that out to Nottingham anyway, I'd be arrested XD that's for Memorabilia
Also gotta buy more ear rings. My sister has ran away with, and lost, the ones I bought before.

14th October 2012: Nearly done? Holy shit. In a mix between playing Left 4 Dead 2 and ACTUALLY trying to get this done, I've cut everything to the right length and now it just needs to be made. But I've been off lately...this is the only cosplay I have going on. After it's finished I'll be starting other cosplays...it might just be this cosplay, but I'm half unwilling to finish it.
It's weird. He's my own character...but I almost just have no motivation.
Then I'm staring at Ellis like SOON. Fuck, it's kind of annoying...

2nd October 2012: Stage 4: Procrastination Oops.
I got off my arse for a bit today. Well...I say got off...I mean; I forced myself by rolling on the floor (not literally).
The only thing I've done is attatch the last bits of extra tartan onto the waist coat and add velcro. I need to stitch the collar down a little bit.
The only time I can really work on this stuff is on the weekends, which should be fine. As long as I work harder. Some nights I might be able to take time off my games design research/work to actually do stuff, depending on what Josh is making me do, design wise, seeing as I'm the concept artist, but Iv'e got quite a bit of work, including my animation project.
Kill me.

24th September 2012: Stage 3: FUCK THIS SHIT. I have been procrastinating from this due to two things;
1: College has started up again, so I'm a little bit...well...I'm being bombarded by my group for concept art, really.
2: I'm out of bias binding.
As soon as I get the binding, I can have a quick run through to finish before the next meet, which I'll be going to with my OC group.
It gives Sash more time to finish her wings. Micky WILL be doing Jirou, but for November, so she'll have time to mess with the arm and leg. Guy is for her until then. Jess just has to tear into some clothes. I'll see if Micky will try and help her. I just gotta make her claws.
But, this has been close to complete for a while. I got the tail done (it'll flop a bit, but I'll make sure it shapes for photos. Wahey.
I really hope this come sout well. The weight of it means it's gonna have to be pinned into place when I wear it.

31st August 2012: Stage 2: Agony This is painful as hell.
I've been getting more done. With two weeks to go until J-Con, I want to get the dress shirt and finish that so theres something at least. I also have to get the straps done and I gotta help Micky with her outfit and I gotta make the props.
I really hope that Sasha is okay with Oai. Lucky that Jett will be easy enough, Micky just has to make some simple ears and tail for her.

16th August 2012: Progress Journal Not tooooo much been done, but I took a break and got a bit of extra stuff done.
Gotta take off the tails again, though OTL Damnit
I also still have yet to buy more red threat. But I have the collars ready to sew together and pin on. Awesome. As soon as I take it all up, it'll be sewn together, hemmed, taking in and the details added.

7th August 2012: Weapons and Wigs and Material-OHMY I have his spear started. Awww yeah.
It's my old Shima staff chopped up a bit to keep it in a certain shape. Daichi's spear does have a strange resemblance to Shima's...I don't even know how, I just made a fucking staff up and that was ittttt OTL
Wig wise, I have no money and no one to borrow one off, so I'm having to use my Keiji wig. I may also have to mess with the hair design on Daichi, seeing as he has one design where he has his hair clipped back to the side. So I may cheat a bit and use that hair design temporarily, but the wig CAN stay in one place, but I'd need something to hold it OTL
It is the same general colour, though, so it works (his hair is a slightly darker brown...not like...black brown but...dark brown...keiji brown, clearly).
Also, shoes are...not bought, but complete because I have smaller shoes of the same colour I need, so, If I can't get the taller shoes in time, I can do a quick design edit to hold the smaller shoes...though I have had urges to shorten his shoes for a while, seeing as almost every one of my characters seems to wear boots.
Need one without boots, damnit.

7th August 2012: Stage one: Over confidence Fucking tail coat is going well.
The base was too small so I did have to add an extra panel. But, hey. As long as it works. And it made the sleeve holes bigger.
Got the tails done, too. Well...the base...PINNED.
Tartan everywhere.
I'm struggling with the collar (trying to shape them and then pin the tartan on so I can sew it all on) but my mother has made a collar like this before, so it helps (first time collar maker OTL).
Trying to commission horns because I'm bad with clay.
Trust me, I'm not being lazy. I. Am. Terrible. With clay.
I can't get any images to explain this, just yet, because I left my memory card in my laptop.

1st August 2012: ohwow This is actually happening. I can't believe it OTL
I have made a start on this, seeing as I have the more complex outfit (DAMNIT, I REGRET HIS DESIGN JUST BECAUSE I HAVE TO MAKE IT) and I may have to run around trying to help everyone with making their outfits (most likely helping micky because she has second most complex character, Jirou. The others are simple designs, really. I have more complex outfits in the villain characters). So starting now will help.
Then again I can't do TOO much until after this weekend...or until I get the actual red fabric for the tail coat...
I just bought 3 metres of damn tartan. Better have enough :I
Also trying to draw out a form of own pattern/concept art for everyone.
But I can start on a few of my smaller stuff before I go and buy the rest.

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shadowsora - 4th August 2012
xD good luck, sure it will look amazing~

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Ros3ify - 7th August 2012
Good luck I cant wait to see it :)

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Neko-Axel - 8th August 2012
looking forward to this! good luck!!

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Anonymous - 20th August 2012
This is looking great so far, can't wait to see it ;3

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InfiniteJester - 21st October 2012
Great to see your OC in real life!