Roxy Lalonde

Cosplayer: Fables

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Amecon 2012

29th July 2012: This costume will consist of... Borrowed wig,
White off the shoulder "Jaspers" shirt,
Pink tank top,
Pink Skirt,
Black leggings,
White legwarmers,
Pink shoes,

I know it's all very simple sounding but after having looked through fanart as well as other cosplays of Roxy they all feature elements of what I've listed, so it should be fine right...? Ahhh I'm sure it will be X3

WaterJewelEmi avatar

WaterJewelEmi - 31st July 2012
Looking good!

Captain_Marvelous avatar

Captain_Marvelous - 31st July 2012
Home Mother Fuckin Stuck Baby! All the David Strikers and Trixie ladouche!

HotshotShan avatar

HotshotShan - 1st August 2012
i'll be bringing your wig tomorrow for sure, brought it with me to my mum's so it's all good o/

Fables avatar

Fables - 2nd August 2012
@WaterJewelEmi thankyou so much! I hope everything looks good with the wig!

@Xephios This makes me very excited sdgjkfkljs ahaha your profile pic is you wearing the wig so I'm looking at it like "yessssss come to meeeeee", it's as if it's saying hello!

Rosipoo avatar

Rosipoo - 2nd August 2012
Loving your own design for her, can't wait to see more pics ^^

Ranma1-2 avatar

Ranma1-2 - 3rd August 2012
You look great. :)

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 19th April 2014
You really suit her! :D