The Dark Knight Rises

Cosplayer: khaleesi

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

27th September 2012: Success! The paste idea worked really well :)
Now I will sand and filler these until they're perfect, then I will mould them properly.

27th September 2012: The first one came out badly :( There was a MASSIVE air bubble in this one. And the pin was poking out the side because I held it at a funny angle. The problem wouldn't get solved no matter how many ways I tried. My friend suggested I fill most of it with liquid fast cast, then mix talc powder with more fast cast and turn it into a paste, then pour it on the top and squidge it on the shoe. AND IT WORKED BEAUTIFULLY. yay!

By the way, the parcel tape is poking through on this one because it's the right shoe, the mould was made for the left shoe, but the difference is quite small so I'll just filler over it before I remould it.

27th September 2012: Fast cast Left: I masked off the whole boot with parcel tape to protect it from getting ruined, and vaselined it around the heel and on the pin to stop the fast cast sticking.
Right: I poured in fast cast and held it to the shoe for about 15 minutes.

(don't laugh at my ugly mould! you'll hurt its feelings)

27th September 2012: Rough mould I made a quick, rough mould of the heel. I will cast it in fast cast, sand it down until it's perfect, and then mould it properly and cast it in the good strong plastic.

Far Left: I taped off the leather around the plastiline.
Bottom (middle): I put the shoe upside down and made a wall of clay around it.
Bottom Right: I filled the mould wall with the silicone (top right 3 photos) and let it cure.

The wall was a shamefully rushed job because I was tight for time, so the outside of it looks hideous (DON'T JUDGE ME!) but the inside came out perfectly, no bubbles! ^^

26th September 2012: Sculpted heel I sculpted the heel in plastiline. Great stuff, plastiline, I really recommend it!

26th September 2012: Removing the heel ready for sculpting Top Right: Using a hacksaw to cut through the plastic to the pin.
Top Left: It's now been cut all the way through, I just twisted it off.
Bottom Right: This is what it looked like after I'd pulled it off and removed the leather (I will use the leather as a sample when searching for the leather or fake leather that I will use to extend the boot up my leg)
Bottom Left: Pin has been removed from the plastic. I then popped it back into place ready to start sculpting over it.

26th September 2012: New pin Because the blade is really thin at the bottom, I had to buy smaller caps to slot into the bottom of the stiletto pin.

(original pin on the left, new pin on the right)

26th September 2012: Stiletto pin I thought I'd have to buy a stiletto pin but I took off the bottom of my heel and found one was already in there! Yaaaaay!

26th September 2012: BOOTIES! Bought myself some lovely 6 inch heels. Catwoman's heels are probably 4.5-5 inches but oh well ;)

I will make the blades and extend the leather up my leg.

COOL STORY: I know the man who made the blade heels for Anne Hathaway, they were 3D printed and then he moulded and casted them around a stiletto pin in a super strong plastic and sprayed them silver. There were a couple of other versions of the heels too, a rubber pair for when she grabs the man's hand with them, and a pair were casted in steel for the stunts etc. I'm going to do the super strong plastic and stiletto pin version.