batman dark night rises

Cosplayer: poppingofresco

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

10th October 2012: woow alright i the mask has arrived and its awesome XD, just need to get and add the plates to the vest and make the bracer XD

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Anonymous - 29th July 2012
Good Luck In The Gym Sir XD

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poppingofresco - 30th July 2012
lol yeah im going to try XD, if not it will be the deflated version lmao

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Anonymous - 17th August 2012
Lol, Bane Is a BEEEAAAST :D

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Captain_Marvelous - 30th November 2012
To be fair Bane in the comics was Batman's most dangerous villain he was just as intellectual as he was strong, only the Batman and Robin movie had him as a chunk head...and we don't talk about that movie O_O either way get some pics up of this! Love to see the mask!

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poppingofresco - 30th November 2012
lol yeah i love him in knightfall i have only looked into the character a little more recently hence the muscle head remark lol XD,
but yeah the batman and robin movie was awful XD.
and as for pic's i shall be cosplaying him next year at some point definitely XD