League Of Legends

Cosplayer: Ros3ify

Variant: Dark Child

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Gemucon 2013

1st April 2013: Cosplay try on :) Soo here is a little picture of the costume I tried on hehe :)

24th March 2013: Change of wigs This wig REALLY did not suit me and it isnt quite the way I wanted it to look so I bought a different one to replace it :)

16th January 2013: Ordered the wig! Soooo here's a quick look of the wig I have bought for annie. The colour really does match and its all flicked up at the back hehehe :)

I am going to make the fringe from a side one toa full fringe.

3rd July 2012: Annie Annie-League of Legends:

So the dress is pretty basic haha shouldn't be too hard to do haha. Just need to find the ears haha :)

Annie is a really cool character in the game haha actually one of the first I played before I moved on to use others such as Varus :)

So I will keep you updated on the progress in a few months.

This costume is for the Next year

I AM Pyramidhead avatar

I AM Pyramidhead - 6th September 2012
Hope you do this!
Hate laning against her in mid!!!

Ros3ify avatar

Ros3ify - 10th September 2012
probably will be doing this for the midlands 2012

Ros3ify avatar

Ros3ify - 12th January 2013
or not it will be for Gemucon 2013 haha XD

Augmented Queen avatar

Augmented Queen - 14th January 2013
Oooh! Wow! I love this character and can't wait to see it in person~

Ros3ify avatar

Ros3ify - 16th January 2013
Thank you so much. Im really excited for the Gemucon :)

Andrew Armstrong avatar

Andrew Armstrong - 25th March 2013
Oooh, so this is your page; can't wait to see this costume completed! :D

Ros3ify avatar

Ros3ify - 26th March 2013
Thank you so much! I should have an update before GemuCon :)

Andrew Armstrong avatar

Andrew Armstrong - 2nd April 2013
Looks ace!

I sadly have not been able to complete enough of my Taric costume so will unlikely be wearing it at Gemucon, this is seriously a bummer for me - I might be able to pull off bits of it and at least take it partially complete but it won't be as amazing as yours :P