Viserys Targaryen
Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire)

Cosplayer: khaleesi

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

25th May 2012: Finished belt I cut a piece of fake leather and sewed over the edges, I riveted gold eyelets in one end, and I used a piece of thick aluminium foil for the end of the belt (I didn't have the time to make a proper one).
(The weird black thing you see around the middle of the belt is a holster type of thing for the sword)

25th May 2012: Finished dragons I sprayed my dragons in metallic gold spray paint and glued them to the belt using super strength Araldite.
(Instant Contact Adhesive (evo-stick) would have been better but I only had Araldite at the time)

25th May 2012: Making the dragons for the belt I bought a Welsh dragon brooch and made a mould of it using Vinamould. I made casts of it using Fast Cast.

25th May 2012: Belt buckle I made it out of craft foam, covered it in car body filler mixed with resin and sanded it down, sprayed a base coat of white, then sprayed a layer of metallic gold followed by a layer of antique gold.

24th May 2012: Embroidery progress I will now define the dragon's features with gold thread

24th May 2012: Dragon embroidery Velvet and wool for the dragon, fake suede for the coat.