Daenerys Targaryen
Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire)

Cosplayer: khaleesi

Variant: Season 1

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Cosplay Island Showcase

Showcased 15th July 2012

31st May 2012: Basic shape for the top This is how I began the top. I cut a template out of paper to get the basic shape (I held it around me to work out how it should look) then I cut it out of fabric and sewed parts of it so it fitted my body nicely. This gave me something to work to when weaving the top.

25th May 2012: Brooches I didn't have time to make exact replicas so I bought 2 kilt pins and a dragon brooch from the internet and sprayed them with pewter spray paint.

24th May 2012: Boots I looked at loads of suitable boots for this cosplay but bizarrely they'd all sold out of my size.. so I ended up with these. Not too bad, but not ideal (there's a brass panel on the heel etc).
(the one on the left has been weathered, it looks very weird in this picture though lol. In real life the weathered one looks better)

24th May 2012: Gloves Just, simply, pieces of leather bound around my hands. Weathered with beige boot polish.

24th May 2012: Details on the back of the skirt More leather, fake suede cord and weathering.

24th May 2012: Skirt details I glued on the details and weathered them (sand paper, ink, paint, clay dust, etc). Needs a bit more dirt I think :p

24th May 2012: Skirt details (made from leather)

24th May 2012: Skirt details (Made from leather and craft foam). They are too fat and far apart but never mind :p

22nd May 2012: Making the woven panel for the skirt They sent me the wrong colour flat cord so I had to paint it the right colour instead. (The colour looks a bit iffy in this photo, I think it looks better in real life) :p

22nd May 2012: Basis of the skirt (Real leather) The pieces they sent me were too small so I had to add an extra couple of sections on the top to make it long enough. I weathered it a little using sandpaper, clay dust and smearing black ink in some places.

22nd May 2012: Finished top The shape of the bottom front part isn't quite right, but by the time I realised this it was too late to add any more weaving into it. (Well, I could've done, but I don't really have the time) :p

22nd May 2012: Neck strap is attached ^_^ The horse hair braid is sewn on :)

22nd May 2012: Neck strap I bought some mixed colour horse hair to braid the strap that holds up her top. I played around with several different braids before I worked out the right one (or at least, the closest one I could get). It's two twists sewn together. I later rubbed in clay dust to make it look dirty and old etc.

21st May 2012: Shaping the top and adjusting the colour I painted the top with watered down brown boot polish, smeared black ink onto it and rubbed in Fuller's Earth (clay dust) to make it look weathered and dirty.
I also sewed some parts of the weaving to make it fit nicely around my body.

21st May 2012: Starting the woven top I wove the top out of flat suede cord and flat fake leather cord. I decided to weave it myself because I couldn't find any material that was close enough to her actual top. I weave baskets so I just guessed at how to weave this although there are probably YouTube tutorials if you want to have a go :)

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Relion - 21st May 2012
omg, you deserve major props for weaving this yourself! It looks so good already!

Moonchild avatar

Moonchild - 21st May 2012
Progress looks amazing!

khaleesi avatar

khaleesi - 24th May 2012
thanks! :D

Nymphie avatar

Nymphie - 25th May 2012
So much love for this. So, so much. Can't wait to see it. Everything in the journal entries is bloody amazing! <3

khaleesi avatar

khaleesi - 27th May 2012
thank you so much ^^ <3

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Leadmill - 31st May 2012
Looks great!

sjbonnar avatar

sjbonnar - 31st May 2012
This looks fantastic!

khaleesi avatar

khaleesi - 31st May 2012
thanks guys :D

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Relion - 31st May 2012
Looks awesome! I'm in love with the top!

khaleesi avatar

khaleesi - 31st May 2012

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Numta - 5th June 2012
amazing work!


Mungojerrie avatar

Mungojerrie - 16th June 2012
You look so lovely as Dany :)

sjbonnar avatar

sjbonnar - 18th June 2012
A brilliant costume!

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Leolarua - 18th June 2012
this is wonderful! well done

Moonchild avatar

Moonchild - 18th June 2012
Great job on this, photos are stunning =)

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Anonymous - 18th June 2012
Saw you at the Expo, you were my favourite costume! Extremely well done!

MollyMon avatar

MollyMon - 19th June 2012
Hi, I think this photo on dA is of you: http://jack-in-the-green.deviantart.com/art/Daenerys-Targaryen-Cosplay-305256102

khaleesi avatar

khaleesi - 20th June 2012
thanks everyone ^^

ooo yes it is MollyMon, thank you! :D

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Sephirayne - 21st June 2012
Love the photos. You look amazing ^^

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leumas - 5th July 2012
i love this you make a really good dany

khaleesi avatar

khaleesi - 5th July 2012
thaaaanks guys! :3

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Captain_Marvelous - 15th July 2012
Absolutely perfect! :)

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Manticore Arts - 15th July 2012
Congratulations! Well deserved! A brilliant Cosplay from a stunning girl- very true to character! ^_^

khaleesi avatar

khaleesi - 15th July 2012
<3 you're very kind! thank you :)

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Rogue Dreams - 15th July 2012
You look awesome!!

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nerdosaurus - 16th July 2012
This is so good! Well done on the much deserved showcase! :D

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ElegantAura - 16th July 2012
Such a beautiful rendition of Daenerys, Well done ^_^

khaleesi avatar

khaleesi - 16th July 2012
thank you so much guys!!! ^^

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BladeyCakes - 19th July 2012
You suit her SO much - this costume is honestly amazing! *__* Love it!

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Starbucks dad - 19th July 2012
This totally redefines the use of the word "awesome"

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Karakulz - 19th July 2012
Sooo Amaaaaazing!

Congratz on the showcase x3

khaleesi avatar

khaleesi - 20th July 2012

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Orihime - 20th July 2012
Beautiful <3

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Siouxsie James - 21st July 2012
What a very lovely costume you look just like her!! Well done!! And the photo's are great too!! :)

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Sketch McDraw - 23rd July 2012
This is just epic! The attention to detail is just insane - Congratulations on having this cosplay featured in the CI Showcase :)

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CrystalCharmer - 23rd July 2012
This is gorgeous! *_* Congrats on the showcase, too! You totally deserved it! :D