Azusa Nakano

Cosplayer: WingedWalrus

Variant: Listen!!

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

1st April 2012: Polka Dots! Appliqued the red polka dots onto the tshirt. Looks pretty good! Hope the stitching doesnt come undone... Just need a wig now!

5th March 2012: TShirt Changed Wasnt happy with how tight the tshirt looked (since Azu-Nyan's is quite loose on her), so changed it for one up a size. Have started prepping the red polka dots to be added soon :D

21st February 2012: Skirt, TShirt and Tights bought! Yeah that kinda sums it up, really XD

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Solaria - 21st February 2012

cowiee avatar

cowiee - 21st April 2012
Ah Another K-On! Cosplay! You suit her so far! c:

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Anonymous - 4th June 2012
I really like how you did the circles, it's very vibrant!!