Lightning 'Eclair' Farron
Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

Cosplayer: RevolverKitty

Variant: Aya Brea

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

31st January 2012: wig etc The wig my otherhalf bought for me arrived :D it just needs styling now, manily the fring spiked out cus Lightning's is spikey windswepped looking (thats gonna be fun doing).
Just need to buy some leather type meterial for the top now and make it then its good to go :)

lycaneyes avatar

lycaneyes - 16th March 2012
really looking forward to this :3

RevolverKitty avatar

RevolverKitty - 16th March 2012
Thank you huni :) xx, just need to redo the top and re-style her wig then its good to go :)