Red/ Hooded Monk
Garo Makai Senki

Cosplayer: kitsune

Variant: With cloak

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

13th February 2012: Flat nose.. I feel like someone has punched my in the face after trying the mask on.

The mask is a bit heavy so it just flattens my nose when I wear it so a nose bridge has been made so its less painful to wear. I feel like I've just pulled a octopus of my face since even though I can see perfectly in it the fact I have such a heavy item on makes my face and head feel heavy ( and the lack of sleep doing the costume doesn't help either).

Also Stupid photo of me in the rather naff wig with the mask on is amusing to see since I have to stick my tongue out to show how far down the mask is without the nose bridge. ( and it doesn't move by much when I put the bridge in but it looks a bit better)

for now will be done with it all by the end of the week.

8th February 2012: Almost done now The sleeves and bottom of the costume are left now just need to sew the edges on the bottom and finish doing the pattern on the sleeves.

Just happy to see it almost complete.

30th January 2012: Detail work Most of the small bits have now been done for the cloak and just need to be sewn on but the pattern on the hood and sleeves will be painted on. I know that sounds like a bad idea but I tests have came out good and a lot cheaper ( and quicker) I can't really embroider it with my lack of skill so paint will have to do...

24th January 2012: A rather scary looking mask The mask looks really good so far but a few cracks have appeared ( at the top) which need to be sorted so don't show. The gem at the top isn't on yet since I have to wait for my green glass paint for it and for the eyes. ( so everything I see will be green which will be funny)

Still lots of work to do the cloak still hasn't been touched at all.

23rd January 2012: Slowly failing technology Well this really isn't helping but my computer... ( the joy it is) is messing up which makes in annoying is that all my ref images are on it and I can't see them properly cause the screen is messing up....

Like I need any delays to be honest..only have a month. But the mask thank goodness has dried and is ready to paint which will only take a day or so.

Last thing to do is the cloak.

17th January 2012: Cooking time I can't make metal objects ( or do any form of smithing) so I have to make all the gems/ornaments on the front out of a molding substance ( I don't have the name) that you can cook to harden then I have to coat them in a load of paint to make them look metallic. Other then that the cloak is coming along more its got the sleeves now, and honestly looks like a tent....since I may have made it 2-3 sizes to big.

13th January 2012: More work on the hand It looks a lot better now with a bit more work on it and at least its out of the way now so I can work on everything else.

Next is the mask and cloak.

10th January 2012: more refs The good thing about doing this along with the series is I get lots of refs over time that help me ( well give me more work). Still got to get more items for the costume along with a set of wooden beads to thread along with the rope ( which I never noticed till I saw the new episode).

Lots to make and do.

9th January 2012: Cloak so far They joy of being short of fabric buy a tiny amount ,so I don't have enough to make the hood and smaller cloak...

Oh well I can get some more and it was a good price. The main body is almost done just need to do more of the gold embroidery bits so I can sew them on once it done.

6th January 2012: Close enough Trying to make all the details is rather hard with the limited ability I have ( and equipment) so I've made bits of the embroidery from other pieces of pre-made embroidery sets you can buy in haberdashery shops. So far it looks OK but not really perfect to be honest. The original piece was a white flower pattern in which I massacred by removing all the curls, painted them with a mix of gold paints and them glued/sewn together to make one big piece.

5th January 2012: Tassels Well, so far only the gold rope/ tassels have been done ( the black outfit in the picture is just a kimono from an old costume)Also the tassels look rather messy in the picture but I will iron then out a bit or might just make new ones if possible out of better rope.

Batale avatar

Batale - 18th February 2012
That mask looks AWESOME.

kitsune avatar

kitsune - 20th February 2012
Thank you I put a lot of work into it. :)

Kacela avatar

Kacela - 26th February 2012
Wow! Amazing cosplay =D

kitsune avatar

kitsune - 27th February 2012
Thank you, still looking for more photos from the event though so I can post them up. :)

Sapphistar avatar

Sapphistar - 6th March 2012
great cosplay! looks amazing!

kitsune avatar

kitsune - 9th March 2012
thank you very much. :D