Mizore Shirayuki

Cosplayer: chibikimi

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

17th June 2012: Heh. I can't find many good pictures of my Mizore cosplay, so you're stuck with this :P
*fingers crossed this photo uploads*

9th April 2012: 4 days to go... and I still haven't finished making Mizore's top!!
I need to get a move on..
I'll be styling my wig tonight, so look out for new photos!! XD

13th March 2012: Yay!! I received my socks in the post today, so Mizore is officially completed from the waist down!! I couldn't find any purple/purple socks, so I'm stuck with pink/purple. Oh well, it'll work. I'LL MAKE IT WORK :D

20th January 2012: Shoes and wig! So I now have those super sweet creepers that would be PERFECT for Mizore!! They KILLED my feet first time I wore them, not gonna lie, but hopefully, with a few adjustments they should be just fine. Also, I've posted a photo of my wig before styling. Please excuse it. I was fooling around with a friend (>//w//<)

16th December 2011: Wig!! Wig has been ordered!! HUZZAH!!
Also found some sweet black and white creepers online that would be PERFECT for Mizore. Will order them after christmas!! <3333