World of Warcraft

Cosplayer: Silantre

Variant: Cenarion War Skin

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

1st Insomnia 49

17th November 2012: Solar Power? I've always wanted to be as green as possible since I was a wee lil lass =3,
I really wanted to make this Hippogryph solar powered origionally, but was worried it would severely damage the asthetics.

I was laying in bed one night thinking about everything, and realised that I would eventually be putting the saddle on the costume. I'm now trying to come up with designs for making it so that the saddle has solar pannels hidden inside. Then when I'm outside the top of the saddle opens up on hinges to reveal the solar pannels, letting the lights and animatronics charge up! (Especially since I won't need any of the lights turned on while outside).

I'll probably post something on the forums asking for help on this in the future, as I'm still rather new to electronics, and have never played with solar pannels, and how to safely connect them to a rechargable battery before.

24th October 2012: WIRESSSSSSS!! Wires... Wires... and more WIRES.
With the amount of things that I have going on in the head of this beast, I've had to work with so many wires XP.
I was sensible at first, and used coloured electrical tape so I knew which wire was connected to what. But then I ran out of colours XD.

The picture only shows the wires for:
-'Wagging' tongue
-Blinking eyes
-Light up eyes

There is still to add the wires/pipe for:
-Voice Box
-Moving Jaw
-Smoke pipe (for visible breath)

I think I'm upto about 6 battery packs so far? *Facepalm*
And I still wanted the whole costume to light up orange, blue and UV... XD
That will be around another 6m of cable, 3 battery packs and 150 LED's to wire

17th September 2012: Tail Mechanism I was acctually playing around with how to get the neck to move, and ended up making the tail instead!

I've seen those toy snakes that 'swish' from side to side, and decided to go along with a design sort of similar to that.

I joined several pieces of PVC pipe together with metal strips and left the screws slightly loose so they would be able to pivot.

I then added metal bracket strips to each side, which is where the string threads through.

I also added a strip of PVC down the centre to stiffen it up a bit, and help spring it back into the straight position when I let the string go.

Once tied to the end of the tail when I pull each sring the tail will bend that way.

This will all be hidden inside the tail so I can give it that flick like motion horses do. The tail will be controlled by hand inside the costume. But it should also bob about when walking along, as I'll be adding a spring underneath where it's attatched to the rest of the costume.

10th September 2012: Base Structure The base of the costume could well turn out being the most expensive part of this costume. It's not the PVC pipe that costs alot, it's those joints.

But anyway! Finally made a start on this costume. Starting is always a difficult part I find, especially with larger costumes. This base structure will be holding a heck of alot of weight so I have to make sure it's right, because if I get this wrong the whole thing could fail.

I've been using PVC pipe 40mm for the main weight bearing structure.
20mm PVC pipe to bend for the 'spine' of the costume to help get shape.
Plastic 'lipping' for the flexible straps to fill in the gaps between the larger pipe.

Currently having troubles trying to get it to fit in the car XD... Also not sure how it will fit down the stairs once it's finished o.0, I know I'll at least have to do it in 3 parts, then put it together at the destination, which unfortunatly will mean weak joints in the structure =[

4th March 2012: To-Do List and Schedule As you may have noticed I now have a to-do list on this costume,, I almost wish i hadn't have done it as i didn't realise how much there is to do.

I know my time will be tight to get it finished for May London MCM Expo, so I've made a schedule so I know what I have to do everyday if I want to get it finished on time. I decided if i can keep up with the schedule for the first 5 weeks then I'll stick with it, if not I'll stop working so hard on it and skip MCM Expo this year to save money for next year. (Will be the first London MCM Expo I've ever missed since I started going ='( though I've already missed my first Midlands MCM Expo this year too >.>)

So yes, not sure if this costume or mysel will make it to May, but time will tell!

3rd February 2012: A Costume That Breaths I've been jumping all over the place with this costume, one second I'll be working on the head,, then the next I'll be working on the hooves. Which is why I haven't really been uploading any progress yet.

I do have a few updates on the features...
-Back legs will be moving mechanically.

-The test of getting breath to show from the nose was successful now I just have to figure out how to acctually fit it inside the costume.

-Also I have come up with another idea I'd like to impliment which is to have the sides of the costume moving so it looks like he's breathing. D=!!! Why do I keep adding things to this.... *Sigh* oh well I just hope the extra trouble will acctually be noticed.

P.S. I am still going ahead with my plans to upload some progress videos of this costume on my youtube. However I'm trying to film them in the chronological order, and I still have aload of planning sketches to do, so keep an eye out.

22nd December 2011: Sounds Delightful Today I went shopping, and one thing I bought was a portable speaker for an MP3 player, and after a few hours looking around on the interwebs I've been able to found a download of the Hippogryph noises from the game!

This costume is going to have a voicebox! I just hope that with the sound around the expos that you can still hear it.

2nd December 2011: Pepakura A discovery!

After looking around on the internets trying to find new techniques I struck gold! A techniques that pretty much garuntees 100% accuracy XD

It is very fiddly and probably takes more time then the first method I came up with (carving foam) but I hope the results will be worth it. I definatly intend to use this technique in the future.

30th November 2011: Leg mechanics Simplified Okay so I've just realised that my brain automatically over-complicates everything >.>

Instead of using the leg mechanism I spent about a week working on using wood and string and pulleys, I'm just going to use some fishing line .... Yup, fishing line XD.

The line will attatch opposing front and back legs so when I take a step fowards my back legs will move,, simples! (*Insert meerkat squeek here*)

21st November 2011: Back leg Mechanics I've been contemplating for a few weeks now about if I should make the back egs mechanic, so that they move when I do. I know that adding in this feature to this costume will:
- Make the costume heavier
- Make the costume harder to transport
- Make the costume more delicate
- Make the costume construction time at least a few weeks more

However, it will look fricken awsome! XD I know that mostly photo's are taken of costumes so moving back legs wouldn't matter. Buuuuttt on stage it would look a bit wierd walking around and just dragging my back legs behind me.

I've doe a few cardboard tests and scaled it upto full size in wood. I know how the mechanic will work, it's just putting it into the costume and working it while I'm in the costume.

9th November 2011: A Hoof... Well today, I made a hoof.

Yup, not even a full hoof. Just a template for a hoof... within the whole day LOLOLOL

8th November 2011: May it Begin! 8th November 2011,,, the project begins,, and off to an expensive start >.> £10 already on just testing fabircs and techniques. However I intend to do this costume properly,, something worthy of Blizzcon! Something to properly show my love for my second favourite animal in Warcraft =3

I've started with playing with mechanics with bits of cardboard for the front claws and rear legs. I have also played with turning felt into feathers and dying fur, what fun!

birds-hate-flying avatar

birds-hate-flying - 9th November 2011
Magic 8-ball says this is going to look really, really cool. I'm going to watch the progress; may you not go insane crafting hundreds of felt feathers.

Sakura_Blue avatar

Sakura_Blue - 4th December 2011
This will look so beautiful, looking forward to seeing some progress!

HatsuneHawke avatar

HatsuneHawke - 17th February 2012
I'm glad you're trying to make it like it is in the game, polygons and all =P It makes a change too rather than trying to see everong make it fit "everyday life" Should be a really interesting outcome, loving it so far =)

BlackLouie avatar

BlackLouie - 4th March 2012
if i see you i'll DEFINITELY get a picture or two :'D this is magnificent in every way

Kata-san avatar

Kata-san - 5th March 2012
Progress is looking great, you're glad you found pepakura now but wait until you've had to sit and cut out 24 A4 pages for a helmet and then you realise you didn't measure properly :P

It sounds like a crazy amount of work but I'm sure it'll be great! Good luck!

Siouxsie James avatar

Siouxsie James - 10th April 2012
This is such a cool idea, I would love to see this in person!!

Silantre avatar

Silantre - 25th April 2012
Hehe so would I! I acctually can't wait to get this one finished... THen cross my fingers that I'll be able to fit it out the door lol!

Silantre avatar

Silantre - 11th October 2012
@ Katasan... I waited... it happened XD
The pepakura head I made is waaayyy too small D=
It will now be a 30 x A4 sheet head *facepalm*

Kata-san avatar

Kata-san - 13th October 2012
Awwww, no way! Back to the...erm...cutting board :D

cowiee avatar

cowiee - 10th November 2012
oh wow. if you get this done for AMFE. i'd be so excited to see this!

Siouxsie James avatar

Siouxsie James - 25th November 2012
This looks so good!! Can't wait for it to be finished!!

Carmina avatar

Carmina - 14th October 2013
I don't know the source maerial very well but this looks incredible!

Siouxsie James avatar

Siouxsie James - 14th October 2013
Amazing <3 well done!!

ToroSonyCat avatar

ToroSonyCat - 14th October 2013
So awesome!

Silantre avatar

Silantre - 16th October 2013
Thanks guys =D