Freya Crescent
Final Fantasy IX

Cosplayer: Queen Yam

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Amecon 2012

18th July 2013: Done Everythings pretty much done and the new lance remade, YAY!
I was never happy with the Javelin prop from last year and it feel to bits after a few hours since it was made so quickly.

I was originally going to remake it buuuuuuuuttttt I don't really like remaking things so I decided to make Freya's ultimate weapon for fun.

8th July 2013: Edits and props So all the edits to Freya have all been done so that's a plus and now I'm working on the prop
Originally was going to remake the Javelin but after making one last year I thought I'd do something a little different and instead started working on the Dragon's Hair.
So far I have the bottom bit made and parts of the lance bit made.
Bit worried about the bottom being too sharp so I'll probably blunt it even more. Added alot of random detail because it was just so plain and bland without it.

7th June 2013: Major edits Freya's getting some major edits for Ayacon 13.
Hat wings are being remade
Pouldron/grates are being remade
Mask is being remade
Leg details are being remade
Spear is being remade
Velcro is getting added to everything
An underneath shirt is being made
and I'll possibly edit parts of the feet.

24th February 2012: testing Supposed to put this up about a month ago, progress has slowed on this cosplay so I can work on ones for Kita. Decided to try the coat and the trousers on together. I've got boning in the bottom of the arms and the bottom of the coat to fan it out a bit. Not happy with how it's falling at the back so I might make something to go underneath like an underskirt the same colour as the trousers.

25th November 2011: Coat start Started the coat last week but got some pictures today.
Made a huge collar for it, probably too big but oh well, adds to the effect.
Tempted to add wiring into the bottom of the coat and the bottom of the sleeves to give it the fluffed out shape.

Leolarua avatar

Leolarua - 20th September 2011
go go dragoons :D

birds-hate-flying avatar

birds-hate-flying - 25th November 2011
I think your oversized collar works out; it'll look particularly dramatic with Freya's pointy hat. And now I hit the 'watch costume' button. Yup.

Numta avatar

Numta - 18th July 2012
i'm in love with this <3 It's so accurate and so well made! Can not wait to see pictures of it all completed!

Moonchild avatar

Moonchild - 19th July 2012
Great progress on this! Can tell its going to look so good when its finished =)

nanahara avatar

nanahara - 2nd August 2012
this looks sooooooo amazing XD

Freyarule avatar

Freyarule - 3rd August 2012
Oh my god! This is perfect!!!

Leolarua avatar

Leolarua - 3rd August 2012
oh gosh cant believe how long ago it was you started this now, but it looks amazing, cant wait to see it at amecon :D

Amy-Lou avatar

Amy-Lou - 3rd August 2012
Looking great! Especially impressed with the mask work, it makes such a difference and you've got the oversized proportions worked out really well.

DarkerLink avatar

DarkerLink - 13th August 2012
This was awesome, great job on it - so glad I got to see this although wish Id been able to see it up close!

Freyarule avatar

Freyarule - 13th August 2012
I love you loads for this, it looked epic win!

Manjou avatar

Manjou - 14th August 2012
This is awesome, I love the mask especially :)

Captain_Marvelous avatar

Captain_Marvelous - 15th August 2012
Very impressive when I saw this! :)

Siouxsie James avatar

Siouxsie James - 15th August 2012
I loved this cosplay so much!!!! :) well done!

Lady Bahamut avatar

Lady Bahamut - 16th August 2012
Awesome Freya cosplay! I especially love the mask, I've not seen many Freya cosplay's that have done a mask :)

Tsuchinoko avatar

Tsuchinoko - 16th August 2012
You really make an amazing Freya, I love how you've re-created her face-shape with the mask you've made. I wish I'd got some pictures of this ^^

Fishyfins avatar

Fishyfins - 18th August 2012
probably one of my favourite cosplays of Amecon! really impressive!

puzzledpenguin avatar

puzzledpenguin - 18th August 2012
Amazing! Totally amazing. The mask looks especially great but the whole outfit is brilliant.

ArcaneArchery avatar

ArcaneArchery - 3rd December 2012
That's the best Freya costume I have ever seen

Leonie Heartilly avatar

Leonie Heartilly - 22nd March 2013
Oh wow I love your use of a mask, it looks great =D

CrystalNeko avatar

CrystalNeko - 31st May 2013
Oh gosh, you are one of the best Freya's I have ever seen! The mask is just perfect! Can't believe I missed you last Ame!

Nomes avatar

Nomes - 19th July 2013
This is absolutely fantastic!

Kata-san avatar

Kata-san - 1st September 2013
This looked awesome! I was glad I managed to see it at Aya!

Alias Cosplay avatar

Alias Cosplay - 4th September 2013
This is really well done, it was great seeing at Aya!