Garrus Vakarian
Mass Effect 2

Cosplayer: Manjou

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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Showcased 29th April 2012

6th February 2012: Mythbusters sensibilities I decided to build a scale model of the armour to try and figure out where I was going wrong (I've been watching Mythbusters for years now, I should've realised I'm supposed to do scale testing *first* >.<). I think I've got it all figured out now and once the snow clears I'm going to get cracking of version 4. I'm definitely going to build the legs in scale first before I do anything with foam though! XD

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Junta - 27th August 2011
WOO! =)

Numta avatar

Numta - 1st September 2011

I'm dying to see a Garrus cosplay!

Leolarua avatar

Leolarua - 1st September 2011
GARRUS! all my love! looking forward to seeing this

Cathe avatar

Cathe - 14th September 2011
Garrus! Can't wait to see this :D

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Anonymous - 14th September 2011
<3 Garrus!!! awesome! I hope to see you there and get piccys with you!

LittleRecordGirl avatar

LittleRecordGirl - 31st October 2011
YES! I will probably ask for a hug or three, just a wee warning. xD

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No thanks - 8th November 2011

Manticore Arts avatar

Manticore Arts - 16th November 2011
Looking good! I wished I was around to Prance and harp about Piety to you dude! Looking sweet!

otakugirl avatar

otakugirl - 8th February 2012
This is looking awesome :D

Koiice avatar

Koiice - 8th February 2012
OMFG!!!! I can't wait to see this!!!

Sweeturk avatar

Sweeturk - 8th February 2012
Looks amazing so far =)

Moonchild avatar

Moonchild - 8th February 2012
Head Scuplt looks amazing, can't wait to see more progress!

Manticore Arts avatar

Manticore Arts - 8th February 2012
LOOKING STUPIDLY GOOOD! I am glad I helped out with this! Garrus for Amecon? I wanna see you as Thane!

Manjou avatar

Manjou - 8th February 2012
Can't make Amecon I'm afraid, Garrus is a serious drain on my bank balance. I can only really afford one con this year :(

nanahara avatar

nanahara - 24th February 2012

Manticore Arts avatar

Manticore Arts - 28th February 2012
Something tells me you should have just morphed your face slightly because you really look like Garrus if he was human

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kitsune - 21st March 2012
This looks like it will be brilliant once completed. Keep up the good work.

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kitsune - 21st March 2012
This looks like it will be brilliant once completed. Keep up the good work.

Uni avatar

Uni - 21st March 2012
Ahhhhhhh! The progress is amazing! <3 I'm so excited to see this finished. Once I finish Tali I'll have to nag you about which cons you'll be bringing Garrus to~ :3

Manjou avatar

Manjou - 22nd March 2012
How's Tali coming along anyway? :) You guys going to kita?

Uni avatar

Uni - 22nd March 2012
Oh gosh, I've barely done anything yet~ Still in the planning / gathering resources stage. The earliest I'll get her done is by Amecon sadly. X3
Alas I am not! ;A;

poppingofresco avatar

poppingofresco - 25th March 2012
wow dude this is awesome
nice job XD

Phee avatar

Phee - 26th March 2012
This looks incredible! :D Really impressive

Moonchild avatar

Moonchild - 26th March 2012
Ahh this is looking better and better!! Keep at it! XD

Natsumi avatar

Natsumi - 30th March 2012
Oh man. This excites me so much.
I'm pretty sure if I see this in person I will not be able to contain a squee.
Love that battle damage, the shaping of the armour looks so...hrm difficult, so its super impressive that you've got it so spot on!

I will make it my mission to see this at Kita. * u *

Manticore Arts avatar

Manticore Arts - 31st March 2012
Vakkarian! YOU BEAST! YOU BEAST! I love this sooo much! Keep it up!

Candystriped avatar

Candystriped - 31st March 2012
I'd post something nice here, but to be frank, I'm far too jealous of how awesome this is.
So there!

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Pippin4242 - 8th April 2012
I can't even imagine working on something so polished. How are you making the armour? It looks spectacular.

Manjou avatar

Manjou - 8th April 2012
...polished? You haven't seen it up close ^^;

It's made using the same method as the N7 suits I made, just bent foam and hope

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Zelvyne - 9th April 2012
This looks great ^___^ can't wait to see the whole thing

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Anonymous - 9th April 2012
looks bloody fantastic so far!! ^_^ hope I can get piccys of you at kita

BladeyCakes avatar

BladeyCakes - 10th April 2012
Words cannot express my approval <3 I cant WAIT to see this!!

kirokitsune avatar

kirokitsune - 10th April 2012
LDLFKNDLFKNDLFKNDF OMG! I LOVE you for doing this! I badly want to cosplay him myself but could not do a job anywhere near as awesome as this!
Can't wait to see the finished costume...I will definitely be getting photos of this! Garrus is so damn awesome! *Fanboyspack*

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Numta - 11th April 2012

digibrute avatar

digibrute - 11th April 2012
I cannot wait to see this! the amount of detail is incredible..

BladeyCakes avatar

BladeyCakes - 11th April 2012
The noise I just made was not even human. AMAZING cosplay *___*

Moonchild avatar

Moonchild - 12th April 2012
AHHH so gutted I can't see this in person!! Seriously WOW
Amazing job =)

Nomes avatar

Nomes - 12th April 2012
Wow! This is incredible. I'll look out for this at Kita!

Tedward avatar

Tedward - 16th April 2012
Seen u at kita ! Your pics do not do this justice . The best cosplay I seen over the whole week end ! Well done mate

Leadmill avatar

Leadmill - 16th April 2012
This was awesome mate. Cracking job!

Nomes avatar

Nomes - 17th April 2012
Amazing. Absolutely incredible. The detail is stunning. But the picture of you and Thane in suits really takes it to the next level XD

Kinreal avatar

Kinreal - 17th April 2012
Boss as fuck!

Sweeturk avatar

Sweeturk - 17th April 2012

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Anonymous - 17th April 2012
Wow. All I can say is that you and your Shepherd were sound as fook, really amazing cosplays. It was really nice to chat to you guys for a bit before the masquerade (I was one of the grey trolls behind you in the lineup... the one in all the red leather) and Zomboi (Sufferer/black velvet cape dude) also says hi! :D Sorry we weren't more talkative, but we're both a bit shy and were in awe of your brilliant costumes. I think we may have met briefly at Aya '09 as well (we were the Silent Hill Nurses)? Anyway, hopefully get to have a proper chat another time. You guys were so cool. :)

Lady Bahamut avatar

Lady Bahamut - 17th April 2012
Wooow, really impressive! Garrus was always my favourite in Mass Effect. I really love your cosplay <3

Ino avatar

Ino - 17th April 2012
You really don't need another person telling you how completely amazing this is, BUT; this was completely amazing. I couldn't stop staring at you as we waited to queue up for the Masquerade. XDD;

sjbonnar avatar

sjbonnar - 18th April 2012
Can't express just how amazing this was. Dude, you were fantastic!

Alias Cosplay avatar

Alias Cosplay - 19th April 2012
Both costumes were amazing, really well done.

Manticore Arts avatar

Manticore Arts - 20th April 2012
Thane: Garrus- It was a pleasure working with you. Perhaps again the Gods will smile on us and pray for fortune in battle to bring us together.

(On a side note: YOU SIR ARE AWESOME) *mashes Cosplay Showcase button to hell*

Creative-Stitches avatar

Creative-Stitches - 20th April 2012
Wow! This is incredible! Great job ^-^

Squiddley avatar

Squiddley - 20th April 2012
Best ever! My jaw literally dropped open when I first saw you! You did a ridiculously amazing job!!

Relion avatar

Relion - 29th April 2012
You are amazing, and this is amazing. CALIBRATIONSCALIBRATIONSCALIBRATIONS.

Captain_Marvelous avatar

Captain_Marvelous - 29th April 2012
The most deserved Showcase to date! stupidly amazing mind boggling work! :)

Manticore Arts avatar

Manticore Arts - 29th April 2012
I pumped my fists so hard in the air when I saw this!


Damnit Michael YOU ARE AWESOME! Again SO MUCH YES!

Kyuipo avatar

Kyuipo - 29th April 2012
this is amazing! good work man!

Littlegeeky avatar

Littlegeeky - 30th April 2012
Such a fantastic costume! It literally took my breathe away when I saw it at Kitacon! Amazing work!

Nomes avatar

Nomes - 30th April 2012
Congrats on the showcase! Very much deserved. You looked amazing at Kita! Not only does this cosplay look good in pictures but in person as well.

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 30th April 2012
This was so epic to see in person. Great job and congrats on the very deserved showcase ^^.

eternal_aranel avatar

eternal_aranel - 30th April 2012
Well deserved showcase! This was so epic!

Ilpala avatar

Ilpala - 30th April 2012
Very nice, you guys mae my day!

timpey avatar

timpey - 30th April 2012
made me very happy to see these ^^ well done you did an amazing job

WarriorTeddy avatar

WarriorTeddy - 30th April 2012
congrats on the showcase. more than well deserved for your outstanding work ^^

Numta avatar

Numta - 30th April 2012
if you werent showcased there would have been blood! xD

Seriously just wow - amazing work and seeing it in the flesh at kita - GOOD LORD!

Leolarua avatar

Leolarua - 1st May 2012
congratz on the showcase! well deserved :D

Sketch McDraw avatar

Sketch McDraw - 2nd May 2012
Holy Crap Dude this is Amazing!
I particularly love how you done the battle damage on the armor, it looks really realistic, and I'm quite intrigued as to how you made the M8 Rifle :)

FairyPorchQueen avatar

FairyPorchQueen - 3rd May 2012

xWestie avatar

xWestie - 3rd May 2012
Garrus 8D
Awesome constume >w<

bedheadwolf avatar

bedheadwolf - 3rd May 2012
It was amazing seeing this costume at kita! well done :)

Manjou avatar

Manjou - 3rd May 2012
The damage was just done with a dremel and the hope that I didn't ruin it or cut through the EL panels I'd already glued in XD

The rifle is made mainly from foam with a plasticard core so it isn't so bendy XD

I'm going to attempt to make a couple of neater rifles at some point XD

Kinreal avatar

Kinreal - 4th May 2012
Well deserved showcase!

RanmaSyaoran avatar

RanmaSyaoran - 7th May 2012
Unbelievable work, a true cosplay worthy of not only showcase but your internet fame! Well done :D

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 5th June 2012
Congrats on getting showcase! As you can see I haven't been on CI in a while... well done, very well deserved! :D

Metamorphica Cosplay avatar

Metamorphica Cosplay - 18th June 2012
Bloody awesome Garrus!!!

KC-HOME avatar

KC-HOME - 4th August 2012
wow !!! this is absolute amazing !!! such cool armour :O !!!!!!

*thumbs uP!
R E S P E C T ♥

DarkElf avatar

DarkElf - 28th August 2012
Amazing Garrus costume!<3 Such a great job with the armour.