Mother Gothel

Cosplayer: SakuraHana

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

23rd October 2011: It looks like a dress!!! So I got myself a sewing machine for £15 and this is what I have got now, I have the wig and just for details and arms yaaay!

11th October 2011: So far So far I have the pattern and material I just need to get sewing....with no sewing machine -.-
The wig is on its way so I need to get a wiggle on.

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TheStarlightFairy - 23rd August 2011
derp I posted the wrong link
THIS is a useful analysis of Mother Gothel's dress:

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TheStarlightFairy - 24th October 2011
The progress looks amazing! Can't wait to see it all finished and shiny ^^

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Einmyria - 24th October 2011
Looks amazing!!! can't wait to see you at expo ^^