+ Anima

Cosplayer: LadyEmber

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

23rd October 2011: Early Morning Flailings Well the staff is completely sprayed and awaiting its final colours And I'm really getting quite nervous about this cosplay.

I'm happy about it, but as it's my first cosplay I'm making/putting together completely from scratch I'm nervous about it.
Hence why I find myself adding in the little details that I wouldn't have put on before and end up sewing gold ribbon onto the sides of the shorts at half 2 in the morning ^^; *facepalm*

But otherwise I think it's just the ribbon, the staff and hemming the other sleeve for his shirt and he'll be finished..... *EXCITED FLAILINGS*

Can't wait to flail this around MCM with my Cooro and Senri on the Saturday

~ Husky out x

21st October 2011: Late updates Well now it's 8 days till I'll be wearing the costume and it's not going to badly now, quite a lot of progress since I last updated.

Wig ~ I have it and though it's a darker blue than the seller showed I'm happy with the colour, and am going to style it the day before I think, when I'm at my Cooro's house (Michi-Agogo)
Contacts ~ I'll be using my Tidus/Howl blue contacts which should show up well
And I have more spirit gum to play makeup artist and cover up and colour my eyebrows blue :P Then I just have to face the challenge of getting it off before the next day XD

Shirt ~ Due to lack of time and my own creativity I shall be doing Husky without his blue outer-shirt, instead I'll be doing the black undershirt and his shorts (in my opinion) will not be exactly accurate but I think they work well with bringing him into the 3D realm ^^ (or so I'll keep telling myself)

Boots ~ I went out and hunted them down and I freaking love them, they're really comfy, give me a little more height and look pretty accurate to me ^^

And of course the info you've all been looking forward to (obviously XD)

Is made and sprayed with undercoat, now I just have to figure out what colour all the parts should be, grab the paint, paint it and then the staff will be complete.
/Then I just have to make sure it survives the trip down to London.../

Any questions feel free to ask but for now...

~ Husky out

9th October 2011: Husky's where?! So far Husky's been pretty slow at coming together ^^; Slightly nervous about this costume being ready in time for MCM
His wig should be with me in the next week or so, same with the trousrs I've bought to make his shorts from and I luckily already have a shirt I can use for his black under-top. I am still not sure about his pouch or his over-shirt and I'm going with black gloves at the moment as my backup plan. Am not sure if I'll have his large white gloves ready ^^;
And finally I have no idea about boots but I've started working on his staff ^^

That will hopefully be all mache'd within the next couple of days :D

~ Husky out

Om_nom_nom avatar

Om_nom_nom - 30th September 2011
Husky! I cannot wait to see this!

mystacina avatar

mystacina - 23rd November 2011
Looks good! Nice to see some +Anima cosplay! :D