Guilty Gear

Cosplayer: sarmander

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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Ino - 5th September 2008
Guilty Gear WILL happen next year, it will!!!!!! Can't wait X3! If you hit me with Mr. Dolphin, I'll call you a baka and slice you in two. ¬.¬

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Felixize - 5th September 2008
Wow~ I bet you'll make an adorable May!
I've wanted to cosplay from GG for AGES, argh, but there's never any time to do it! So yeah, very looking forward to this if you cosplay her at Aya ¦D

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sarmander - 6th September 2008
Ooh, if you feel tempted you're more than welcome to join is in our GG group for Aya! We're still missing a few characters. ^___< b

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Felixize - 6th September 2008
Oh dear, don't say that XD After making a list of potential costumes next year is looking expensive and very full. Especially since you guys are doing Eyeshield for Aya! Now I'm totally considering swapping some stuff around to cosplay Hiruma then instead of Auchinawa! [Actually, now I put it that way, I think I definitely will, argh.]


*shakes fist*

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Shenny - 12th August 2009
Nawwwww *squishes face* you look adorable.

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Ino - 12th August 2009
OMG, looks soooooooooooooo awesome O__O Great job on the hat!!! (It's kinda weird to see you as a brunette ... XD;; I don't think I've seen you with brown hair before!)

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SephNoir - 12th August 2009
Looking awesome. ^^ What day are you doing it?

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kimpey - 12th August 2009
kool looking great><

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Ilpala - 12th August 2009
Very cute!

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sarmander - 12th August 2009
Thankyou! ^_^
@Ino; Now wait just a sec...I'm not brunette? XD Don't you go all Holly on me and call me blonde! *Shakes fist* ^_<

@SephNoir; Big Guilty Gear group on the Friday of Aya. ^_^ I recall you saying you might join in? Or maybe I was drunk at the time...XD

SephNoir avatar

SephNoir - 12th August 2009
Lol no you remember correctly! ^^ Going to buy fabric for Millia tomorrow (uber lateness!) so I'll make sure I have her ready in time!

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Felixize - 12th August 2009

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UnaSpi - 13th August 2009
Awesome May! Are you coming to FuyuCon by chance?

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cowiee - 8th August 2010
I like this, so cute :'D