Elle Holloway
Silent Hill: Homecoming

Cosplayer: Quinzel

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

17th October 2011: Jacket More progress. It's starting to look a little like Elle's jacket now >.<. I have the large front, arm, and back panels done, the right wrist stripe and the thinner line down the arm and across the front of the jacket. The left pocket is also done, with just one more section needing to be added to the right pocket. Then, it's the left side of the jacket (a couple of stripes) and the neck.

9th October 2011: Jacket - change of direction The paint looked great on small sections, but not so much on the larger areas. So, I took the leftover fabric from the grey trim of Nemesis Jill's skirt (and there was a lot of it!) and started to sew it onto the jacket - luckily it was the same colour that Elle's jacket appears in the in-game graphics. Watching clips again on YouTube, I was a little worried that the paint was too dark and blue-ish...problem solved! The paint acts as a good guideline though.

So far, I have the front panel sewn down, the large arm panel mostly sewn with the final edge pinned down, and a little bit of the detailing on one of the pockets done as well as the horizontal stripe on the front of the jacket.

Starting to think that it might have just been easier to make from scratch lol.

2nd October 2011: More jacket progress As you can see, I have begun to paint it properly. Obviously the pic is a work in progress - the lines to the left and down the middle are duct tape, just to mark off where I need to paint...the left isn't in the correct position and the one in the centre is just the end of a former guide line. The paint needs two layers to look good, and I think I am going to have to buy some more. There is a lot packed into those little bottles but I don't think it will be enough!

26th September 2011: Jacket progress - part 2 Figured I should give an update on this. It has been sitting there unfinished for quite some time and I've finally kicked my arse into gear about it.

So far I have:
- Removed the cuffs, shortened the sleeves and reattached the cuffs.
- Removed the hood and formed a collar.
- Added interfacing to the inside of the collar (both sides, inside the fabric) to make the collar a little stiffer so that it will stand up on its own.
- Removed the original zip.
- Attached one side of the new zip and began to attach the other.
- Test-painted one side of the pocket and half-test-painted one cuff.

Need to do:
- Finish attaching the second side of the zip.
- Sew the collar up.
- Finish painting the jacket.

I decided to paint the jacket because it does look more like fabric paint than extra fabric (no seams in the HD pics and character model, where there are seams elsewhere on the jacket). I mied black and white to get the grey but also added a little light blue since Elle's jacket seems to be a blue-ish grey.

11th September 2011: Jacket progress. I thought that it would take forever to do this, but I have almost finished the sewing the day the jacket arrived :O. Kinda wish I'd ordered the fabric paints earlier so I can get cracking with that too.

I removed the hood and sewed the collar back up then took one of the sleeves up and in (I'll do the other some other time lol).

I will use the leftover fabric from the hood to test the fabric paints when they arrive.
May try inserting some wire into the collar/top part of the jacket to help keep the Elle shape, because it's a bit floppy heh ^_^;.
I may also change the zip to a smaller one.

10th September 2011: Jacket beginnings The best thing about the jacket? It doesn't need taking up! When I tried it on with the jeans, it shows the same amount of tummy that Elle's does! For once, I am happy about my long torso!

I need to remove the hood and take the sleeves up. May run it through the washing machine first since Elle's jacket does look worn in.

Hastily pulled back hair in the picture, not Elle hair!

2nd September 2011: Boots Found these on eBay and thought they were perfect :D. They are just ankle boots and are quite skinny around the ankles, so they fit beneath skinny/slim-fit jeans :).

I am just waiting on the jacket, which I have ordered. I bought a base black jacket that I will alter and then paint onto using fabric paints. I have decided on fabric paint because I can mix black and white to get a nice shade of grey and then add a little blue to get the blu-ish tint the grey parts of her jacket seem to have. Much easier than trial and error dyeing to get a good coloured fabric!

19th July 2011: Top Found this in New Look today :). It just caught my eye as I walked past - perfect colour. I can never tell if Elle's top is a dark red or a burgundy (though I think it's more burgundy in the in-game graphics. and I couldn't tell with this top (I think it depends on the light), so it's ideal! :P

It needs to be taken up, but I need to wait until I've done the jacket so I know how far.

29th June 2011: Jeans My favourite pair of jeans. I think they might work. Elle's seem to have a little bit of a brown tint to the grey in the model, but in the final art and in game, they do look more grey. These jeans also have a few studs near the waistband but that doesn't really matter...I think they're a good match. They have the same cut as Elle's too... slim fit, not bootcut, not skinny leg.
They are also a little darker than they look in the picture - damn flash.

Yes, this one may very well be a closet cosplay :).

29th June 2011: Locket This was bought for me years ago as a present, but I've never worn it. It's a pretty generic-looking locket, like Elle's, although the inside is not entirely accurate...but that doesn't really matter, because it's not really going to be seen.

I will add a picture of Elle and Nora inside. It likely won't be the pictures that are in the locket (since I can't find them anywhere) but there will be pictures!

nanahara avatar

nanahara - 29th June 2011
hell yeah ^^, SH FTW *fist bump*

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 30th June 2011
Nice :)
Is looking forward for picutres ;)

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- - 30th June 2011

Tsuchinoko avatar

Tsuchinoko - 30th June 2011
Now you're giving me more reason to hurry up and play Homecoming =P
I like her outfit design, too.

Quinzel avatar

Quinzel - 30th June 2011
Play it! :P And you know, if you have the urge to cosplay any of the other characters, I could whip Elle out again XD.
I love her jacket...I'll admit it's the main draw to this outfit aside from Elle herself. Also looks like it could be a pain in the butt to make D=.

Tsuchinoko avatar

Tsuchinoko - 1st July 2011
Oh I definitely intend to play it eventually ^^
It looks like I might be able to afford to get a PS3 soon (if I don't spend too much on cosplay supplies this weekend) and Homecoming is one of the games on my "must-buy" list. I want to play it before Downpour is released ^^

I don't know about Homecoming characters yet but I do have some other Silent Hill cosplays in mind, so if you want to do any other SH shoots then let me know and I'll see if I can do it on the same day of the same event :)

Hmmm... couldn't you maybe find a similar plain jacket and then add on the patterns and the front pocket?

Quinzel avatar

Quinzel - 1st July 2011
Awesome :). A lot of Silent Hill fans complain about Homecoming but it's a good game. The combat is flawed but IMO the story is the most engrossing since SH2, despite its plotholes.

Sure, that sounds like fun :). I love the SH girls and I do hope to do most of them eventually (and maybe a few monsters...). So yeah, if you do get round to doing more let me know your plans and we'll work something out :).

Yeah, that's what I'm hoping to do...can't find a pattern that I'm happy with and I suck with them anyway. I already have my eye on a hoodie on eBay that I could modify. I might buy two and try one with fabric panels and one with fabric paint to see which looks better (probably the panels, but meh, it's worth trying both). Just need to wait til LFCC is through and I've done Maria's skirt so I can start experimenting :). [/ramble]

Tsuchinoko avatar

Tsuchinoko - 1st July 2011
Yeah, I'd noticed that... =___=
But don't worry I will be making my own mind up on it :) I honestly think that some fans over-react about the newer games. And I love story-driven games the most so I probably won't mind too much if the combat is a little iffy.

Ooh, it would be awesome if you did some of the monster cosplays as well =D Good luck with the jacket. Yeah, you may as well experiment with both ways if you have the time ^^

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RevolverKitty - 20th July 2011
"She's gone, I feel,I think there's something wrong. Have you seen her? She's been away too long..."
Great choice hun! Now you need an Alex :D

Quinzel avatar

Quinzel - 20th July 2011
I LOVE that song ^_^. Homecoming's soundtrack was just amazing, one of the best :').
Oh, I totally need an Alex ;). It would actually make my day if I found one! Or a Curtis with a circular saw...as fucked up as that sounds XD.

RevolverKitty avatar

RevolverKitty - 1st December 2011
You looked bloody fantastic hun :D so glad you showed Elle some love <3 SH-HC needs more appreciation :) xx