Shiemi Moriyama
Ao no Exorcist

Cosplayer: Nachtangel

Variant: School Uniform

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

26th September 2011: Finally getting back to Shiemi I didn't forget about her promise!
This is going to be a complete budget cosplay, my laptop broke so all of my money this month has gone towards a new computer so I won't be getting a new wig or contacts for Shiemi unfortunatly, maybe I will if I wear her again.
I've got the skirt ready to be dyed and some fabric to make her bow with, I'll be buying the shirt and some tights and then she's done, I hope this goes well, I wanted to spend more time and money on her but alas life has gotten in the way once again.

11th July 2011: Skirt and Contacts I'm hoping to use the skirt I'm making for Kyouko for Shiemi as well, I started making it last night and should have it finished fairly soon. I've also been looking for some contacts, I do actually have green eyes (well a blueygreen I swear they were blue when I was younger!) but I'd love to just make them Pop, so far these are the best I've found.

Fliss avatar

Fliss - 16th July 2011
Yay! Shes so cute!