Ruko Yokune

Cosplayer: WingedWalrus

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

15th March 2012: All-Night Blitz ITS ABOUT TIME RUKO GOT FINISHED. And its Minami in 2 days so I figured why not have it ready for then? Took me about 5 hours to make the arm-warmers and jacket from scratch... its a bit rushed but Im quite pleased!

16th July 2011: Ponytails Trimmed Cut the two ponytail pieces and the blue extension shorter today. First time ever trimming a wig... scaaary... Theyre still a bit too long, might have to re-trim later, but its a good first attempt.

15th July 2011: Tie Made Spent today making the necktie from scratch... A bit tricky but really pleased with how it turned out!! Looks all proper-like XD
(pattern for the tie was from ThreadBanger)

30th June 2011: Jacket Material Bought Went out and got the materials for the blue jacket (dark blue with purpley-maroony lining) and the armwarmers (dark blue with light blue cuffs). I can soon make a start on construction! Huzzah!!

17th June 2011: Wig Pieces Ordered Im gonna be using the short black wig used for Nana as the base for this one, and Ive just ordered a pair of black clip-on ponytails and a small blue extension... Just need to wait for them all to arrive and thats the wig sorted. Excellent xD

Cattrocious avatar

Cattrocious - 15th July 2011
Its great to see a fellow Utau cosplayer :D
I want to cosplay Defoko at some point. Good luck, Ruko rules!

15len avatar

15len - 15th December 2011
i have a sugestion for the wig :), insted of triming it again, why not backcomb the hair falls a bit? in some photos ruko's hair is alot fluffier than most hair would be. :)