Cosplayer: ScarletConcerto

Variant: El Manana

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set


This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

23rd May 2011: FINISHED!! Yesterday I bought the boots with my Cheetos-chan and so... I have COMPLETED MY FIRST COSPLAY ON MY OWN!!! xDD I will be taking some photos very soon <3

19th May 2011: FINISHED!! nearly xD I have FINISHED the shirt!!! After sewing the sleeve on the RIGHT way, I sewed up the hem at the bottom of the shirt and now I have made my first shirt!! The hem is a bit messy but ah well xD That's life ^^ My sister was like, lol black hair under your arm! But I pulled the threads out so it's all good now :3 Still have to get me some boots though xD

19th May 2011: Learning Curveballs Well. Once again, I did a silly xD I unpicked the sleeve from the shirt and then sewed it on properly. Except of course I just did the same as I did the first time. So now, once again, I have a shirt with one sleeve inside out xD Ah well. Each curve in the road is a learning experience, eh? Next time, it will be PERFECT <3 Of course o.O

19th May 2011: Fail AGAIN Once again I have failed so bad xD This time I was thinking, hey wow - I've finished this shirt!, when I realised - I'd sewn one of the sleeves on inside out. Way to go xD

18th May 2011: First Fail xD Well before college this morning I thought, hey, I'll sew a bit! So I sewed the neckband onto the shirt. So now I have to unpick most of it! And now I've sewn up one of the sleeves -.- Not my day, is it? xD

17th May 2011: Noodlezz xD Well, I decided to do this one coz my good friend Cheetos wanted to sell the wig - and I loved it! So I bought that from her and since I finally have a sewing machine, I wanted to make something simple xD So I'm making the El Manana shirt. Gonna progress onto more complicated stuff but for now... I love Noodle xD