Little Big Adventure

Cosplayer: flamewizo

Variant: Blue robe/ magic Robe With Red MagicBall and Sword

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

12th October 2011: Bold cap The paint for the bold cap to make Twinsen's unmistakeable hair style is on its way to me :D hopefully get the cap sorted very soon :D

12th October 2011: Not far now Ok so outfit sorted hair needs to be fixed to something wearable. Am working on this and should look reasonable after :D

6th October 2011: Outfit just need to sort out the hair ha ha final I have progress I have a costume photos to come hopefully at the week end :D
Hair is in the workd and magic ball/ sword working on it :D

11th May 2011: Material for Tunic Yey found the perfect colour and material for twinsen's tunic :D All i need to do now is buy it, cut it, sow it, Then I'll be all good for the main body :D lol.

Luminescence avatar

Luminescence - 10th May 2011
You have no idea how much I am fangirling with delight over this :| LBA and LBA2 are two of my favourite games! Can't wait to see.

alienqueen avatar

alienqueen - 10th May 2011
omg! i used to play this, i never got off the island though XD

Littlegeeky avatar

Littlegeeky - 10th May 2011
Oh my god you are EPIC! I can't wait to see this completed! I grew up with the games ^_^

Mungojerrie avatar

Mungojerrie - 10th May 2011
Seriously cannot wait to see this! LBA was pretty much my entire childhood, seeing someone cosplay Twinsen is a dream come true :P

Cathe avatar

Cathe - 10th May 2011
This is going to be amazing :D

flamewizo avatar

flamewizo - 11th May 2011
Finally able to comment w00t lol I'm glad you all like this idea it is deffinately going to be my next work of cos-play, I also don't want to let you guys down :D he he I hope I do a good job for you all.

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 29th September 2011
squeeeeee!! cannot wait to see this!!!!!!

Manjou avatar

Manjou - 6th October 2011
Looking forward to seeing this, I can hear the LBA2 theme in my head already XD

rosieroo avatar

rosieroo - 2nd November 2011
gah so annoying that i still dident get to meet yooh - dies - it looks soo epic ^^