Shizuo Heiwajima

Cosplayer: Alynia

Variant: Gender-bent

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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Anonymous - 22nd August 2011
awsome. are you going to have a newspaper stand prop, or street sighn? XD

wingedwolf avatar

wingedwolf - 23rd August 2011

Alynia avatar

Alynia - 23rd August 2011
Well It's being put on hold for the moment, but most likely a street sign! :D

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Han Hyuga - 26th May 2012
Ah, so that's the outfit. It looks awesome! I'll look out for you. :D

ShadowofShinra avatar

ShadowofShinra - 28th May 2012
Thank you so much for the comment! I really loved your Shizuo as well, the outfit was put together really well. :D

Alynia avatar

Alynia - 28th May 2012
Thank you! (It was literally last minute on everything! (saying that I had most stuffs)) Also, you're welcome! :D (I said it before, but you were awesome!:D )