Apollo Justice Ace Attorney

Cosplayer: madmazda86

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

AmeCon 2008

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Anonymous - 22nd July 2008
Wow, Lamiroir!! ;___; I'm really looking forward to see it finished, I wish You good luck on this one as she has one hard design!

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Sillabub - 4th August 2008
Awesome! I'm planning on doing this myself, for the Grand Cosplay Ball in November. Looking forward to seeing your one! :D

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Manjou - 13th October 2008
You were a great Lamiroir ^_^ glad you liked the photos i took at ame ^_^

One question though; how many times did your hood blow off on the Saturday? XD

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Mungojerrie - 13th October 2008
You win at life! I love your Lamiroir :)

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TheStarlightFairy - 14th October 2008
omg you look so lovely!
Lamiroir-sama is one of my favourite characters in AJ so I'm happy that there is such a good cosplayer!

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TheStarlightFairy - 31st October 2008
i hope you can make it to an expo sometme too ^^

..*must finish Trucy*

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Sillabub - 10th December 2008
Just dropping in to say thanks for the nice comment on my Lamiroir! Yeah, those flounces drove me close to madness...!

I love how yours came out too :D

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Freyarule - 15th July 2009
Ooh- were you the Lamiroir at the May Expo? If so I was the Team Aqua Grunt who kept hugging you all xDD; you looked fanastic as Lamiroir by the way :)

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sjbonnar - 19th May 2011
I can't believe I never saw this! It looks amazing!