Typing of the Dead

Cosplayer: nert

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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Anonymous - 15th August 2007
Amazing, absolutely amazing :D

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Anonymous - 15th August 2007
I fully full-on love you d00d. Are you at the Expo in Oct? I have to meet you properly and bask in your glory.

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nert - 17th August 2007
I shall indeed be there, though haven't decided on costume yet.. If I can't be bothered I might well bust the Dreamcast out again, I've been meaning to..

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Anonymous - 2nd November 2007
I was laughing so hard when I saw you walking around in the Oct Expo... laughed even harder when I took the photo of you with the cosplayer that was doing the Okami cosplay! My brother said that is the best photo I took from all the ones I got from the Expo - and I agree XD

Hope I will see this again in another Expo!

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nert - 4th November 2007
Ooh, I'd be interested in seeing that photo XD

It was a stroke of inspiration costume, not sure if I'll bring it out again but it's pretty easy to carry so I might well do ;)


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Orihime - 19th November 2007
Saw this at Minami, it was so funny >_<; I still think DC will always be the best console.

BTW thanks so much for giving me your spare masq ticket at Expo it meant I was able to meet up with my friends ^^

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HystericalDame - 19th December 2008
Abso-f******-lutely amazing!!!

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Captain_Marvelous - 6th February 2009
as if something this obscure dosent deserve a comment ^.^ you look fuck awesome!!!

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Paprika - 4th April 2009
I'm totally speachless in awe of this epicness

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Chii-ren - 2nd September 2009
haha! i recognise the ghost sticker on the wall by that church! that is awesome!

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Samstar1990 - 23rd September 2009
I've heard of that game- I laughed at it then and I laugh at it now haha

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Lil-Samuu - 23rd January 2010
Your costume inspired me to play this game. :) Great fun, I loved the way the Dreamcast and battery looked. ^_^