Feldt Grace
Mobile Suit Gundam00

Cosplayer: madmazda86

Variant: Season 2 Flight Suit

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

27th September 2011: Fabric hunting I love the season 2 outfits for their colour schemes, but geezo, it's hard to find the right colours when you're wanting the fabrics! Tom and I have decided to make the tops underneath the jackets out of stretch material so we can applique the green diamond on and just put the tops on like jumpers. Mandors didn't have the colours we wanted so after ages scouring online, I found a company called http://www.tissufabrics.co.uk - they had a super range of colours so we got all the fabric for the tops and the trousers from there! All their stretch fabric we wanted was £3.50 a metre, so was quite pleased to get the fabric for the bulk of both our costumes for £64, including first class postage so we can get started on them this week.

The next challenge will be finding the right colours for the jackets, which we wanted to make out of twill or drill. Options available are settling for a less ideal fabric to get the colours we want (as they seem readily available in normal cotton but not in twill/drill weights), scouring online to get the right colours (thus far unsuccessful ><;), or experimenting with dyes. I should be okay for Feldt as Dylon do Flamingo Pink and Baby Pink colours which are about right. But getting the right Teal and Petrol colours for Lockon's jacket will be harder.

j_mercuryuk avatar

j_mercuryuk - 29th March 2012
Really nice Feldt, the costume is really well made :D Looks great :D