North Italy
Axis Powers Hetalia

Cosplayer: nilly

Variant: Official Halloween Design

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

xLaviChii avatar

xLaviChii - 24th March 2011
soo cute xDD

soph24 avatar

soph24 - 8th April 2011
This was amazing to see >w< and take a pic of lol :3 was great meeting you :D

nilly avatar

nilly - 9th April 2011
thank you! ;u; <3
yeah! oh would you mind if i uploaded that here? just temporarily till I have some more photos ^^
yay and you of course :3

rosieroo avatar

rosieroo - 17th June 2011
awwwww cute

nilly avatar

nilly - 17th June 2011
thanks 8D

CaptainKurfuffle avatar

CaptainKurfuffle - 23rd June 2011
... You had me confused for a minute but now I am no longer confused <3
How long have you had this done for?! D:
My England one is taking forever D: Mainly because the ruddy waist coat is frustrating me D:

nilly avatar

nilly - 23rd June 2011
yay for not being confused 83
thank you!! <3
Oooo, well I made it for Kitacon so... a while xD; but it took me about 2 weeks to make on and off...
awww! D8 think it will be done in time for expo?

ammersXamphetamine avatar

ammersXamphetamine - 17th August 2011
this is such an amazing cosplay! :)

Cattrocious avatar

Cattrocious - 27th August 2011
See, it looks so cute!
I'm going as Romano to October xD

nilly avatar

nilly - 4th September 2011
ammers and runukki, thank you! :3