Blind Mag
Repo the genetic opera

Cosplayer: alytheluvly

Variant: Chromaggia

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

My mom got her passing grade for college!

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Anonymous - 1st March 2011

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alytheluvly - 1st March 2011
mwah x x x

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Debbie Ella - 23rd March 2011
Looks gorgeous so far!

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Ranma1-2 - 24th March 2011
I LOVE feathers.
Well done Aly looks Fabulous! :)

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alytheluvly - 24th March 2011
I love feathers, so fun to work with :P

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sjbonnar - 25th May 2011
Looks really good and Blind Mag is one of my favourite characters ^_^ Gotta love Repo!

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Ranma1-2 - 26th May 2011
I cant get over how completely different you look with all your cosplays..I never would have recognised you!
Fabulous. ^_^

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Anonymous - 29th May 2011
Newer heard it before or see it, but allready like it^^

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Anonymous - 23rd July 2011
WOW This is the first Blind Mag thats is actually good xD I love it! <3 nice job