Lambo TYL
hitman reborn

Cosplayer: Spinni

Variant: Orange Jumpsuit

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

22nd September 2008: Paint X3 Since my camera is dead (And I can't find my phone right now) I can't show you but I'm very happy with some of the random stuff I painted on the jumpsuit :D

I've painted:

- 'Bovino' across the top of my back
- Kanji for 'Stupid Cow' on the butt xD
- A really funky logo/symbol I noticed in the full jumpsuit image. It's an 'X' with flames around it 8D

And soon I'll paint the Thunder gaurdian logo :3 and anything else that might be good..

...I can show you the 'X' thing though xDDD

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Anonymous - 18th August 2008
yaaaay Bovino.

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Anonymous - 20th August 2008

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Anonymous - 28th August 2008
Yay orange! Ah looking good Lambo! The sweets in the goggles are a cute touch X3
Where the heck did you get a bright orange jumpsuit( I always wonder this)?

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Odd-One-Out - 31st August 2008
Ooooh, Lambo~!