yusei fudo
Yugioh 5Ds

Cosplayer: Neko-Axel

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

27th February 2011: edits + gloves the jacket is fully finished it needs a few edits and i also need to make the gloves, i'll get round to this eventually

18th February 2011: finished finished making the jacket today, ready for the MCM midlands Expo 2011, i spent all day today on that sewing machine!

glad its finished though :D not bad for my first time making a cosplay completely from scratch :D

18th February 2011: mission impossible yes mission impossible isn't actually that bad!

i styled the wig! 4 hours of none stop work and the wig is done!, it'll be fully finished in the morning since i'm writing this at half 1 in the morning :D all that is left is to finish putting the highlights in :D

i'm very proud of this wig styling, it is my first wig styling ever!! will upload pictures later :D

13th February 2011: the jacket started the jacket and got most of it made. still more work to be done, like the black lines and the orange bubbles :D

time is running out though...

31st January 2011: the shirt Finished the shirt today, i'll upload photos later :D

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eternal_aranel - 8th February 2011
Yusei! Awesome!

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Anonymous - 16th February 2011
looks good! (: