Onizuka 'Himeko' Hime
Sket dance

Cosplayer: Felixize

Variant: School Uniform

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

AmeCon 2008

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Anonymous - 27th June 2008
More sket dance cosplayers.Well this manga is starting to get the fanbase it deserves

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Anonymous - 11th November 2008
Woww!! What is this series?! I love the poses and costumes you have done, looks just like the ref pic!!! Amazing!!

Now I have to go check it out... I haven't read any new series in sooooo long T____T usually I'm a step ahead!! XD

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marumune - 20th February 2009
that was.. YOU?!
jeez I see you guys every where xD I was so hyped up when I saw your costumes. I still have some pics of you three, want to have?

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Felixize - 20th February 2009
I think the rule is, "if it's a small and not well known Jump series cosplay group it's PROBABLY US" lol.
I was just so happy we got recognised! It totally made my weekend :D
And if you do have pictures, I'd love to see 'em~ Other than the 3 on here there's only one other I've seen of us!

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marumune - 29th June 2009
I still owe you these


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Rain - 26th January 2011
Epic cosplay!!

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Clover-tan - 9th August 2011
Epic! And there was a whole cosplay group? How did I miss this?! ;w;