Cosplayer: lumpyspacepanda

Variant: Matryoshka

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

20th February 2011: Complete! I had a blast at Midlands Expo yesterday :3 I was happy with my outfit and the hoodie came out wonderfully! Only thing I was a tad gutted about was the makeup - but that is definitely something I will work on for Kitacon : )
Thank you to everyone that was nice enough to take photos! I take it as such a compliment and you would not believe how happy it makes me X3

17th February 2011: Working My parents dropped off a couple of packages for me - consisting my hoodie and my gloves. The gloves are okay but a little off-colour but the hoodie is perfect. As I type this I'm waiting for the paint to dry on it so I can do the last little details for the eyes and teeth.
I've been told there are another couple of parcels waiting for me and I HOPE they are my contacts and wig - there's nothing else I can think of that they could be. All being well this will be sorted soon :3
Because there is no official artwork of what Gumi wears on her bottom half (Well nothing on the PV anyway - all the other stuff I've seen is varying fan interpretations) I'm going to be wearing some blue skinny jeans and my 14 eyelet black Dr Martens. I think they will suit, I wouldn't consider it if I thought they wouldn't.

2 more days anyway : ) fingers crossed I'll get it done.

12th February 2011: Waiting Exactly a week to go until Midlands Expo. I'm waiting on all the stuff to arrive and then I can work on the design for the hoodie : ) hoping to get that done within a day and practise my make-up as well (because God knows I'll need a steady hand to get those lines right. But as of now there's very little that I can actually do towards it.
Here's hoping everything arrives in time and looks good!
See you there guys!

Noa avatar

Noa - 21st January 2011
>B <3<3~

Limegreenjelly avatar

Limegreenjelly - 21st January 2011
Going to look sooo awesome ^^ Will be wearing mine at Kita and so will Karen if you fancy joining the friday Matryoshka madness :D

purplecat95 avatar

purplecat95 - 1st February 2011
Awww, I love Gumi's Matryoshka gear, I can't WAIT to see this! :D

lumpyspacepanda avatar

lumpyspacepanda - 12th February 2011
@purplecat95 - it was limegreenjelly that showed me the video for it and I just fell in love with Gumi's outfit :D so awesome, I hope I don't disappoint! Look out for me at Midlands Expo if you're going :3

@limegreenjelly - I hope it does >__< and of course that would be so cool :D I was planning to wear Gumi one of the days anyway so if we can get a group going that's even better!

@Soul - Sedgie suggested I do Sexual Harassment Gumi Panda so WATCH OUT >C

chiceesugar avatar

chiceesugar - 20th February 2011
You look so awesome!!~ I'm gutted I missed you at expo *Looked everywhere :P* I love your contacts!

lumpyspacepanda avatar

lumpyspacepanda - 20th February 2011
@chiceesugar - : ( waaah noo! I'm sorry! We were in the con-hall most of the time but went outside a few times for snack and cash machine breaks haha! Will you be at Kitacon by any chance? Or any Expos in the future! I do plan to re-wear this outfit because it was so much fun!
Thanks though :D the contacts were so hard to get in haha XD; worth it though I think.

misfit_mosher avatar

misfit_mosher - 21st February 2011
wowww this looks really amazing!!

love the outfit
the hoodie looks really great too !!!


purplecat95 avatar

purplecat95 - 21st February 2011
I think I saw you at Expo - you were looking at one of the stalls, and I was like WOW! Awesome job on this! :D I adore the hoodie! <3

lumpyspacepanda avatar

lumpyspacepanda - 22nd February 2011
@misfitmosher - thanks :D I really enjoyed doing the hoodie!
@purplecat95 - thank you so much :3 that makes me so happy haha! You should have come and said hi~ Were you cosplaying also?

Ayame avatar

Ayame - 27th February 2011
You look so amazing in this. The wig really suits you ^_^

lumpyspacepanda avatar

lumpyspacepanda - 27th February 2011
@Ayame - thank you very much :D I was dubious at first about the colour clashing with my skin but I'm actually really happy with it

Limegreenjelly avatar

Limegreenjelly - 28th February 2011
We certainly can do a photoshoot of these lovely versions sometime :D I brought the coat pattern for your original Kaito today ^^

cowiee avatar

cowiee - 25th March 2011
This is sooo awesome!!

lumpyspacepanda avatar

lumpyspacepanda - 27th March 2011
>u< thank you!