Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

Cosplayer: FangGirl

Status: Planned

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

7th February 2011: Working on the breast Plate Iam starting on the breast plate, well practising really to see what ways work best.I am going try save money so can get better stuff to make this with, at the minute its paper mache for now.

27th January 2011: ..... Not much progress to say :( sadly, motivation is so horrible at the moment it sucks.
I been trying make the breast plate little by little.I just need my motivation to go back up.
Just hope I can get a spark and be off again.
The helmet is still not made, the template is being annoying, I need to get more supply's but cash ran out fast this pay day :( so it will have to wait till a month when everything has settled down again, I just use the little foam I have left to make little parts.

22nd January 2011: Slow progress....very slow Iam struggling a little, money, motivation :( but Iam trying to practice armour pieces first, trying to make the template for the helmet.still no luck on the cardboard might go to the corner shop next week.

Maybe I have this done by October, not really saying a month though cause it could all change but we shell see.

20th January 2011: Getting stuck in Iam really getting in to the idea of making Lenneth.Iam already testing out things, making the helmet first, and the sword just need to get some cardboard that is very long ^_^

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Anonymous - 14th January 2011
I have so badly wished many times to be able to do this lol xD

Cant wait to see it once its done

FangGirl avatar

FangGirl - 14th January 2011
Same here, I loved playing the both of the games (DS and PSP) and always wanted to do her.
Thank you I can't wait either having a toss over between her and sisters or battle lol :)

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Anonymous - 21st January 2011
I'm looking forward to seeing this, glad to here of your progress on your journal :)

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FangGirl - 22nd January 2011
Thank you PhobosMoon, I got some feathers today so slowly getting there ^_^ Iam looking forward to completing this and getting to wear it :)

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M.Kesaiyn - 5th February 2011
Good luck with this! You need to show some progress pictures though.

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FangGirl - 6th February 2011
Thank you, Tbh there isn't much to show due to lack of supply's and money.But I will update more when things start to roll :)