TRON: Legacy

Cosplayer: VampiricAngel

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

11th January 2011: THE PLAN Okay....heres the basic plan on how I'm gonna go about making this...
I'm thinking so far, that I'm going to get a black Zentai suit for the underneath, and edit ontop of that. (cut shoulders etc.) Then the over dress, probably using a similar material.
The Boots, I'm going to buy, I've seen a pair on EBay which are practically perfect, they'd just need a tad bit of editing along the top.
Then, I'm going to make the Baton too and find a way to attach that onto the side of the boot.
Then I think the next step would be that chest armour that she wears....thats going to be interesting...I'm still a bit stumped on how to do that at the moment but...we'll work something out 8D;
And finally the lighting! I've been linked to some fantastic places that I can buy Light Tape for a reasonable price, so that'll all be sewed in and finish off the look ;D

God I can't wait to get the money to start this..

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Anonymous - 30th December 2010
I cant wait for this you will look perfect, when are you planning on doing it :D i wanna get pics with you for sure

VampiricAngel avatar

VampiricAngel - 30th December 2010
Thanks! :D I'm really looking forward to doing it!
Its just a question of money at the moment, that and I have no idea how I would make the glowing parts @_e;

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No thanks - 10th January 2011
Wow! You look so perfect for this!

Also, If your any good with wiring a few thing's i can link you to the PERFECT way to make your costume glow?

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- - 10th January 2011
Looking really good, i love the make-up~

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VampiricAngel - 10th January 2011
@CharlotteLuna Thank you so much! 8D And I'll take any advice I can on this xD; Its going to be new for me to using lighting and such hahah.

@SachikoYumi thanks a lot ^^

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Anggul - 10th January 2011
Looking at the picture of her, then at the one of you, you look so perfect for this, I look forward to the full thing!

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My__RoadOfBlood - 10th January 2011
Wao, this looks brilliant *W*

VampiricAngel avatar

VampiricAngel - 11th January 2011
@Anggul Awh, thank you so much! <3

@My__RoadOfBlood Thank you! :DD

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Yasmia - 11th January 2011
You're gonna look totally epic.
The wig and make up look awesome :)

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VampiricAngel - 11th January 2011
Awh, thank you darlin <3

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Ranma1-2 - 12th January 2011
Bloomin heck! You look so alike! Nice work on the wig styling and makeup - it looks perfect. I'm looking forward to the whole costume. :)

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PapercutPerfect - 16th January 2011
Jeebus! You look SO MUCH like her O_O Gah I can't wait to see this! When are you planning on wearing it?

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VampiricAngel - 16th January 2011
@Ranma1-2 thank you so much! 8D

@Bloo - awwh thank you hun :D Im /hoping/ to get her done latest for LFCC I think~! We've got a group going to that with a Sam, Clu and hopefully a Rinzler too! :D Best case, I'll probably bring her along to May MCM ^^