Devil May Cry 1

Cosplayer: CalumCazza

Variant: Original

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

22nd December 2010: So it begins This will be my first cosplay xD (I blame Naomi :P <3)

So for my first cosplay I will be portraying Dante from Devil May Cry 1

My girlfriend Naomi will be going as Trish

The costume will be based on DMC 1 Dante, because we all know other then DMC 3, thats the best.

I was going to go as Dante from DMC 3, only problam is that version is him topless with just his trousers and his jacket, I dont have the body for that version so i went with this version instead :)

Im sure Naomi will look amazing as Trish and do a good job at is as she always does :) <3

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Anonymous - 22nd December 2010
YAY!!!! GO GO GO! :) <3 Can't wait for Midlands :P

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- - 23rd December 2010
Good luck~

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CalumCazza - 1st January 2011
Yay nom nom :) <3

Thanks Sachiko :D