Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs

Cosplayer: TheStarlightFairy

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

6th May 2014: Almost there! Just need to sculpt a buckle and somehow make a styler...
Wig and goggles ordered! The goggles arrived this morning but they've turned out to be kids ones so I'm either going to need to buy a new pair or get a new strap.

22nd April 2014: Jacket, etc. Both are done.
The scarf itself is just a big strip of yellow jersey.

The jacket is red bi-stretch, with yellow and white jersey/lycra details. I used the top of a dress pattern for the jacket, adjusting the length and front appropriately. I don't have a jacket pattern so I had to improvise with what I did have haha! I then stitched a strip of yellow around the bottom, and rolled white lycra around the armholes.

The gloves were pretty simple. I cut my normal glove shape out of blue lycra and then chopped off the fingers and thumbs, then sewed them as normal. Next, I stitched a strip of red bi-stretch across the knuckles and rolled and stitched a thick strip of white lycra around the wrists for the cuffs.

Just the shorts to go and I'll have the base costume ready! Going to order a wig and some goggles on my next payday c:

(I've also bought a white bangle and I'm going to try to sculpt something that looks like a styler onto it)

EDIT: The scarf just wasn't working so I remade it and I'll think of some way of tying it.

17th April 2014: Shoes The shoes are finally done, and my fingers are almost no longer in agony!
I bought a pair of cheap white/orange school trainers as these were the only ones I could get with a velcro strap! To edit them I first stitched red bi-stretch over the tongue, and then pinned and stitched blue lycra around the front of the shoe. As the shoes are made of some kind of plasticky stuff to make them easy to clean (being school shoes), sewing through them was incredibly painful :c
To finish off, I used a red marker to colour the sides and any remaining orange details.

16th December 2010: Stuff A pichu and a styler have been aquired (bought by Devil_Trigger but I'm paying him back!)

I really want to start working on this but other than making a ukulele, I'm going to practice self restraint til I've finished most of my in progress list XD

Devil_Trigger avatar

Devil_Trigger - 5th December 2010
Can't wait to get this Pichu with Ukulele c:

TheStarlightFairy avatar

TheStarlightFairy - 5th December 2010
Ikr c: We'll be fighting over him all day c:
I call shotgun on keeping him at my house :/

Devil_Trigger avatar

Devil_Trigger - 5th December 2010
I do plan to fight over him during the day but he's yours anyways xD I wasn't plannin on keeping him c: thought I'd let you have the honour of keeping him in ya house xD xD

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Anonymous - 17th May 2014
Wow! Never seen this done before, looks really good!! I love the Pokemon Ranger games :3