Amy Rose
Sonic the Hedgehog

Cosplayer: Darkiekun

Variant: (Commission)

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Judges Award - Midlands MCM + Short listed for Cosplay Corner Comp 2011

21st January 2011: Will upload finished pictures soon Soon as I can I'll put some up. This is complete just busy with the other three at the moment.

17th January 2011: Finally moving I finally got around to cutting out the pink for amy's legs. Got a massive headache so donno if ill be sewing them but still..........progress! ^-^

9th January 2011: Boots WIP Here are the boots so far.Painted red after 4 coats. Still need the white strip down the middle and fabric white rim at the top ^^

5th January 2011: Top half Top half is half made. This involves the dress the pink skin back and the white trim of the skirt. loads to do though! But looking good if I do say so C8

4th January 2011: Some Pink attached The basic pink is attached. Just need to do her 'hair'

4th January 2011: Peach Here is some of Amy's skin attached. It needs more editing but can fix this later ^^

4th January 2011: Foam head Here is the progress of the head. Still alittle rough but pretty good C8

Lady-Aira avatar

Lady-Aira - 22nd December 2010
:O Must come find for a photo!! Me and some friends are doing a Team Chaotix (plus Knuckles!) group <3 hehe ^^

Dark_Angel_15 avatar

Dark_Angel_15 - 22nd December 2010
Awesome, i bet this will be cool

Solaria avatar

Solaria - 21st January 2011
Absolutely love this *And all your Sonic uploads* Cannot wait for this group :D
Josh looks spiffy as Amy shes my fave x3

Zanaso Rymm avatar

Zanaso Rymm - 25th January 2011
masterpiece :3

Ranma1-2 avatar

Ranma1-2 - 25th January 2011
That is Fantastic, I love it! :)

Rain avatar

Rain - 21st February 2011
wow awesome *_*

PixiePopNixie avatar

PixiePopNixie - 22nd May 2011
Looks good!

THough have to say, the On Stage photo after the Tofu hat kinda looks like you're gonna beat up the camera man.