Nine tails
pokemon fan art by l_hakase/patty

Cosplayer: kitsune

Variant: gijinka

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

1st July 2013: kinda cool skirt. so most of it is done now, sadly after trying it on I have to re-iron it again ( but a more powerful steam) since It did not hold its shape very well. Other then that I just have to finish the sleeves for the kimono top an it is done. :)

Also excuse the trousers and bow legs in the picture.

13th June 2013: fluffy tails All the tails are done now and are secured to a belt under the obi, decided to colour the ends of the tails so they actually match ninetails tails. All that is left is to line the yukata top, make the headband ears and put a clip on the fron obi bow so it can be secured on tightly.

5th June 2013: skirt test Trying to get the right height on the skirt is hard without a big petticoat but it still looks nice as it is at the moment.
The bow and waistband are done just need to iron it all and iron the pleats in place.
The top has been started, I have tone sleeve and the main body just need to cut ans sew the other sleeve and lining parts.
Over all almost done really. :)

3rd June 2013: pleats!!!! I really hate pleating even more when I have to do it with a meter by 3m wide fabric, lots of fun. The mask is done and have a wig from coscraft, all the fabric is here just need to cut it all to a pattern and do the accessories.

( will iron out the skirt after it all been sewn up)

22nd May 2013: new mask. a picture of the old mask (right) vs the new mask (left). the new one is made of worbla so it is a lot lighter now and easier to wear. The old one was made of paper mache but it is so thick that is weighs far to much.
Working on the ears next along with the top, I have the fabric for the top outside but yet to get the lining or the skirt fabric.

lots to do. :)

21st May 2013: Restart. SO after having a break down making Nao I have decided to do this instead and I'm re-doing it all. I have a new wig ready and started work on the new mask which I will post soon after it has been painted.

No images yet since my camera is dead.

2nd June 2011: Mask completed finaly completed painting the mask (really should have waited to get the matching fabric first but I can sort that out later).

I still have to add ties to the side so I can put it on, will get some sort of strong rope/ribbon to secure to that to my face.

1st June 2011: More mask work After a few slip ups I have painted the black parts of the mask for now so I can do the red/orange parts next once I have matching fabric ( best to get the fabric first so I can match the paint to it)

Also the chin looks a bit rough D: got to sort that out.

27th May 2011: Paint Paint paint... Sorted out more of the mask (since its being a pain) painted it a few coats of white and cut out the eyes so could see out of it.

Also to sort out the uneven edges I cut them with a stanly knife and pealed back some of the wire, so I can layer on anther load of paper mache on the back. (so the wire doesn't scratch my face).

25th May 2011: Mask work I've never really made such a mask before I was going to buy a plastic naruto anbu mask ( I think thats what its called) and edit it a bit. But this way is a lot more fun I've used fine wire mesh and pre made paper mache mix that can be formed like clay but it is a lot lighter when its dry then clay.

once dry I will coat it white but also I'll cover the back of the mask so it doesn't scratch my face in places where thw ire has been cut to shape.

KuroStylr avatar

KuroStylr - 27th May 2011
Looks like a fantastic design! Would love to know where you got them from! Good luck!

kitsune avatar

kitsune - 1st June 2011
Thank you the artist is called l_hakase I beleive they have a pixiv account if you can find them they do a lot of pokemon designs :)

If not you can go to Gelbooru ( for their work but the site has a lot of dodgy adverts - -;

So be careful with that link...

WhiteWraith avatar

WhiteWraith - 29th July 2013
Love the design, looks great :)

kitsune avatar

kitsune - 29th July 2013
Thank you :)