Princess Daisy

Cosplayer: alytheluvly

Variant: Made to my friends specifications

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

19th October 2010: Over a week to go ... Sewn the sleeves on, making off-the-shoulder sleeves aren't fun ;_;
I've attached the ribbon, and it looks really cute!
Just got to finish off the elastic and attach the brooch!
And then all I have to do is make a big pretty bow :D
Should be finished by tomorrow! (woot!)

15th October 2010: Ok I modified the bodice to fit, sewn the zip on, and sorted the hem around the bottom of the skirt.
I like easy things :)

8th October 2010: achoo ... Had a bit of a cold this week, so only done a bit of work on this dress.
I have sewn the orange pattern to the skirt, and then applied some fabric glue to seal the fabric (don't want it to fray!)
My friend tried on the bodice .. and it is huge on her! So i've got to take it in a bit ...
Will continue on Monday ...

28th September 2010: More progress Bodice has been sewn together.
Interface has been ironed onto skirt pattern pieces.
Everything has been pinned, but I ran out of time to sew it all together ...

22nd September 2010: Finally some progres! Today I have cut out all the parts for the skirt, including interfacing for the skirt pattern.
I have also cut out the bow.
Will hopefull cut out the top half tomorrow and perhaps start sewing it all together! This dress seems to be quite easy!

Ranma1-2 avatar

Ranma1-2 - 3rd November 2010
Lindsey looked so beautifull too. ^_^
SOft shoes to get from hotel to Expo next time!!

alytheluvly avatar

alytheluvly - 4th November 2010
She did ^_^
We'll do a Lily Allen, and wear trainers with pretty dresses XD

SamanthaKaiba avatar

SamanthaKaiba - 10th January 2011
looks great and she looked really good ^_^

alytheluvly avatar

alytheluvly - 12th January 2011
Thanks! She's really happy with it! ^_^