Hatsune Miku

Cosplayer: Yuka

Variant: World is Mine

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Amecon 2010

9th August 2010: Sleeve dilemma! After having to resew the sleeves FOUR times (1st time: french seaming went mental and it looked stupid; 2nd time: french seaming was perfect, but the sleeve was too close-fitting; 3rd time: sleeve was wide enough, but french seaming went mental again; 4th time: gave up trying to french seam it, sleeve is wide enough now) I'm finally trying to decide what to do with the lace on the sleeves.

Since it's hard to see the lace on the original image, I can either try to match the figure (seen left) or try to do something similar to the artwork (next journal entry).

I'm going to ask my friend's opinions to decide on this one!

9th August 2010: Dress remake Well, I remade the bodice of the dress completely, and have now redone the sleeves 4 times! Also now the black underskirt is complete, I forgot how poorly duchess satin folds though so I'm not very happy with it. I don't really have time or the fabric to make a new one though, so it'll only get replaced if I find a cheap black skirt in primark or a charity shop before Thursday!

The lace on the collar is in need of an iron but I don't think I'm going to add any more layers to it. I'm still not sure what to do for the lace on the sleeves, will have to give that a bit of a think. Going to add the black ribbon to the collar and start working on the hair bows now. My replacement thigh-high socks are in the mail, so I can't stitch the lace onto them until they arrive... sounds like another in-the-car-on-the-way-to-AmeCon job to me! LOL

9th August 2010: Other sleeve options B - the lace is upside down. The rough edge (the side covered by mesh that's meant to be hidden) will be at the bottom of the sleeve so it can either be hidden under the hem or it will look like it's part of the sleeve.

C - the lace is the right side up, on top of the white fabric, but the rough edge is in plain sight. I think this matches the artwork the closest, but might look stupid in real life.

D - the most practical lace application- but because the lace hasn't been dotted with skin or blanket colours I'm not sure if it's not meant to be see through or if the artist was just being lazy.

6th August 2010: Miku Wig Horrible webcam shot, I apologize.

I hated the colour of this wig when I first took it out of the bag- it looks like a pastel mint or teal and it's not the colour I was hoping for. Not only that, but the base wig is really small (and my head isn't that large!) so the front slips back really easily (even without the pigtails on). I'm going to have to pin the hell out of it which is a bit annoying. The pigtails came kinda tangled as well- which is really surprising and disappointing for cosplaywig.

The colour looks a bit better here because I was in a dim room with artificial lighting- in natural lighting it looks poop though.

6th August 2010: Main dress mostly done Spent nearly all day on this! This dress has given me so much trouble, it should have been done in just a few hours! :S

First of all, I had originally planned on french-seaming the insides of the entire costume, however when I tried french seaming the shoulder-sleeve seam, it just wouldn't work. I honestly don't understand what happened- I unpicked it and re-sewed it about 4 times before giving up, cutting the sleeve off, changing the sleeve patterns and trying again. I was happy when I finally managed to get the sleeve on by itself, so I decided not to even attempt french-seaming it in case it messed up again (I didn't have enough fabric left to reattempt it a third time!).

So now that I was forced to not french seam the sleeves, I gave up on trying to make the rest of the costume tidy inside so the only parts that are french-seamed are the shoulders and the skirt. The rest of it is fraying like crazy ;_; One day when I get an overlocker I'll try to tidy the insides...

Anyway, to be perfectly honest I don't really like how this sits or how it looks right now. I put the waistband where it is so I could make the skirt look the right length and still have my legs look long, but I think it looks stupid now. And because it was already higher than I wanted it, I couldn't put in darts otherwise it'd raise the waistline even MORE... so I kinda feel like it's a shapeless sack when I wear it.

I have to try getting new lace tomorrow as well, as the pongee is an off-white and the lace is a pure white. I also don't like the socks I bought, they barely come over my knee and they're very thin so you can see my skin through them. Agh :S

So all that, plus the fact that me making this costume is upsetting my friend, kinda just makes me want to throw this costume out now, to be honest. Which really sucks, because this is my favourite Miku song and I love the dress. Bleh.

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 12th July 2010
yaay :3 when are you doing this at ame? i'm planning miku for the ball...just need to sort out all the materials ^^

Yuka avatar

Yuka - 13th July 2010
Sunday night! Although, if Alisa doesn't get done on time, I might wear Miku on Saturday as well. Eeee I can't wait to take photos with you, you're gonna be so pretty <3

Nachtangel avatar

Nachtangel - 13th July 2010
I'm hoping to do this one too, such a pretty dress :)

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Anonymous - 13th July 2010
we shall have to have a dance together then ;D just hoping I can get the stuff made for mine in time!

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Solaria - 16th July 2010
Cant wait to see I love this outfit you'll be so cute x3