Nabooru (Spirit Sage/Gerudo Princess)
The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time

Cosplayer: Zelda

Variant: The Spirit Sage

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

AyaCon 2013

6th December 2011: Wig finally found a wig from this website :)

Lolita Hime avatar

Lolita Hime - 12th April 2010
cool, whens this one for :) x

Zelda avatar

Zelda - 12th April 2010
not to sure yet, why got something planned? ^^

hitmanx2 avatar

hitmanx2 - 12th April 2010
lol this cosplay will be epic

Ikkaku-kun avatar

Ikkaku-kun - 12th April 2010
YES! i love this film! <3

Zelda avatar

Zelda - 12th April 2010
i know lol, i can't wait to get started ^^

DefineImagineMJ avatar

DefineImagineMJ - 13th September 2010
I'm going to work hard on my Gerudo Guard sword dancer for when you do this. I just hope I can make the event you want to do it at!

timpey avatar

timpey - 6th October 2010
hehe who will be sexyier my gene with his tan or your Nabooru hehehe ^^ i think def yours somehow i look funny XD

Zelda avatar

Zelda - 6th October 2010
Hehe i really can't wait to attempt this one! she is so epic!!!!

timpey avatar

timpey - 6th October 2010
will be amazin ^^ gotta see u with a zelda group x

Chiharu avatar

Chiharu - 20th October 2010

Yasmia avatar

Yasmia - 16th December 2010
Thats totally awesome
You'll look amazing
Cant wait to see it :)

Eloraborealis avatar

Eloraborealis - 20th December 2010
Damn, this really makes me want to recycle Kotake and Koume now!

magicalpantsu avatar

magicalpantsu - 18th May 2011
Yay Nabooru!! :D Shame I'm not at expo in May, I'm going to be Link in October D:

DefineImagineMJ avatar

DefineImagineMJ - 19th July 2011
With me as Gerudo and Flare Dancer, Raye as Sheik, and Mandy as whoever she feels like doing, we'll be epic! If Mandy doesn't do TwinRova for this, ask Alyx as she has it planned too. Oh yes!

Eevee avatar

Eevee - 13th August 2011
Yaaaay! XD

DefineImagineMJ avatar

DefineImagineMJ - 12th June 2012
Oh, how I wish this could be done this summer now.
Gerudo Guard itch...itch...want to scratch.

Siouxsie James avatar

Siouxsie James - 12th August 2013
Interesting choice ^^