Damian "Ian" Von Helson
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Cosplayer: Shadowland13

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

30th December 2010: IAN IS BACK IN BUSINESS! So today on the bus into town xD Chii randomly thought we could cosplay Ian and Louie for Midlands Expo in Feb :D we're confident we'll get something done.

Getti avatar

Getti - 11th April 2010
XD You get so much love for this. I've always wanted to see someone cosplay one of the Gaia lot, just for the lulz. Sure you'll pull it off wonderfully!

Shadowland13 avatar

Shadowland13 - 11th April 2010
Yays LOVE! XD thankiiiiiies tis nice to know someone would approve of the Gaia cosplay ^^ Can't wait to do this cosplay X3

Archer avatar

Archer - 18th April 2010
This would be awesome ^_^ would love to see an Ian and Louie cosplay ^_^

Shadowland13 avatar

Shadowland13 - 19th April 2010
Aw thankiiiies :]

Monochrome Angel avatar

Monochrome Angel - 21st August 2010
Ian =D!
It's weird you're cosplaying the big brother =( lmao

Shadowland13 avatar

Shadowland13 - 21st August 2010
O_O that's true but Louie acts older...

Mungojerrie avatar

Mungojerrie - 24th January 2011
Haha very nice XD

Shadowland13 avatar

Shadowland13 - 25th January 2011
thank youu :P XD